This ones for the Kids

There are so many wonderful letter K words I could do this letter for forever. So this K is for Kids because I think they’ve had so much fun with it.


My youngest just LOVES painting – so any excuse. I wanted to show him how the paint didn’t stay on the crayon – but it didn’t quiet work that way.


I have noticed that my son often opts for names of people he knows as his first suggestion for a letter – so this one is for Kyle who we made into a kicking King.


For this I simply cut out a letter K, some shoes (to show it was kicking) a circle for a head and a crown. He then just glued it together and coloured it in.


K is for Kitchen – so we used kitchen roll to make a K.


And keys – I selected all different shapes and sizes of keys and attached them to some paper.


Once it had stopped raining we went outside and painted over the keys – to see what shape it left behind


– and then painted using the keys as stampers.


We also discussed that not all keys were for locks – like piano keys.

And of course there were many kisses to be had.

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  1. I love the idea of making letters out of kitchen towel rolls – I bet that could be done with a lot of letters. Thanks for sharing your ideas!


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