How to Improve your Cholesterol

October is National Cholesterol Month 2017. This is a whole month devoted to the dangers of high cholesterol whilst raising funds to help continue to provide life-saving work. The 100 Mile Great Cholesterol Challenge This year sees The 100 mile Great Cholesterol Challenge which aims to get people moving to benefit from a healthy heart. … Read more

Tefal ActiFry Express XL Review

Tefal ActiFry Express XL Review

About the Tefal ActiFry Express XL The Tefal ActiFry Express XL makes crispy and tasty chips using just one spoon of oil.* Not only that but it can be utilised for a variety of meals (including vegetables, meat, fish and even desserts). It comes with a recipe leaflet included and for more recipes and videos … Read more

Change4Life Sugar Swaps Challenge

Change 4 Life Sugar Swaps

Public Health England launches a Change4Life campaign every January. This year the focus is on ways that parents can encourage their children to eat less sugar. Teaming up with Netmums and Reading University they asked 50 families to help them understand the difficulties and impact of making small simple SugarSwaps in the diet. Myself and … Read more

Small Changes to Diet #MotivationalMonday

small changes to diet

The worst thing you can do to try to lose weight is by making changes that are too big. For me the calorie counting was too much. There is no way I can cope with cutting back on my cider and chocolate (well maybe a little). So I needed to have a rethink. What I learnt … Read more

Pop Chef Shaping Food

pop chef

When it comes to our children there are just some things we are naturally drawn to worry about, and diet is one of those things. It all begins when we make the decision whether to breast or formula feed, and this is just the start. When to wean, how to wean, what to wean with! … Read more


Hibernation “Hibernation is an extended period of deep sleep, or torpor, that allows animals to survive winter extremes. Reducing metabolic rate and lowering body temperature enables survival through cold periods when food is scarce or has little energy value. Hibernating species usually work hard to build up large fat reserves before they bed down, and … Read more