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I have been trying to improve my diet and one of the hardest things about eating healthily is the dip I have in my energy levels between meals. This results in me snacking. I try to eat the right things, like fruit, but sometimes the fruit isn’t enough. It tends to make me dip again too quickly. I end up reaching for a bag of crisps, or other junk food. In fact on a recent shopping trip I tried to see what I could buy as an alternative, coming away with a yogurt and banana. Needless to say these were not enough to sustain me. So I was interested to hear about California Almond’s #SnackHappyChallenge of eating a handful (30g) of almonds for 21 days.

California Almonds Snack Happy

California has the perfect conditions for Almonds to grow, so it will come as no surprise that 80% of the world’s almonds come from there. There are more than 80 published studies on the benefits of almonds to health, such as diabetes, weight management, heart health and that they are rich in anti-oxidants.

Changes to my lifestyle due to Almonds

I have to honestly say that I am really impressed. I am feeling less tired, more energetic, and not snacking on junk because I feel that I need to grab the first thing to hand before I faint. I have to admit I had upped the amount of caffeine I am drinking (on top of my water) but have cut that right back now. I like how easy almonds are to transport, without taking up too much room or worrying that they may leak onto things. Also, unlike fresh fruit and vegetables, they don’t go off too quickly.

Almond Breakfast

After a one-to-one consultation with Nutritionist Lisa Jones I reevaluated my breakfast. Knowing it was the most important meal of the day I was proud of the fact that I always had it. A nice healthy bowl of Weetabix. But now I know that this just was not enough. I now add all manner of things into my bowl – of course including almonds (various seeds, and dried fruit). The almonds work with the fruit, to help me keep going without dipping. It has also give my breakfast so much more variety and flavour, meaning I am enjoying it a lot more.

The very most impressive thing though is that my Sensory Seeker is fussy with food and I had given him some almonds with chocolate to try – he LOVES them! Not only chocolate covered but ALL almonds! It is so good to know as they are a natural source of protein and fibre, containing fifteen essential nutrients (including vitamin E and calcium).

Combinations of Almonds

You can eat almonds in a huge variety of ways, combining it with other food, making them great for all tastes. My husband really loved the chilli and cinnamon almonds. My youngest son loved them roasted. I do like sliced roasted on my breakfast (and I think they’d be delicious on ice-cream). Of course you can use them with chocolate too! Not only are there sweet mixes but why not try with savory too – such as with some cheese.

almond treats

Also almonds do not need to just be for a snack, and we were shown how they can be utilised to make alcoholic drinks and in foods. My absolute favourite was Smoked Salmon Blini with Almond Pesto. Other recipes I have been given are Mini Almond Tarts, Almond French Macaroons, Chicken Skewers with Almond Satay Sauce, Triple Almond Brownies, Plum and Almond Bites, Almond butter Flapjacks, Almond and Vegetable Rolls, and Olive & Almond Tapenade.

Almonds are just perfect for busy mums and dads – and if you can’t take my word for it then listen to what Denise Van Outen thinks about them.

Health Hop

I received Almonds in order to take part in the challenge, and invite to an event for which I was financially reimbursed and given a notebook. All words and my honest opinions.

32 thoughts on “California Almonds #SnackHappy Challenge #HealthHop”

  1. I’m not the biggest fan of almonds (I can take them, or leave them), but I’m loving the sound of Almond Pesto! Thank you x

  2. I adore nuts – you are so right, the sugar in fruit just causes your energy levels to crash again soon after…. Nuts are brilliant for sustained energy release 🙂

  3. I LOVE the taste of almonds but HATE the texture, I could definitely #snackhappy on marzipan but I don’t think that’s the point 😉 I do substitute ground almonds for flour in some baking though, will have to do that more often. I have a banana for elevenses at work but still reach for the emergency kitkat…a habit I must break! Thanks for hosting the #healthhop 🙂

  4. I like dried fruit and nuts – but I’m not a fan of the marzipan taste of almonds. You’ve inspired me to make more of an effort with my breakfast though

  5. I’m totally addicted to them now! It was lovely to meet you, finally, at the event and again very briefly at the weekend – your shoes were amazing! I’ll link my almonds post up here when it goes live on Wednesday, I’m playing catch up after the chaos of last week!

  6. I am a big fan of almonds in cooking, particularly with Trout, but had never thought about them as a snack food before…what a great idea, and they sound like they work too. Thanks for sharing, I might nip out and get some now too!

  7. I love almonds – either by themselves, or in cakes and biscuits and curries. Delicious- and a handy weightloss tool as they help keep you full up!

  8. We love almonds and firmly believe in their goodness. They taste great in sliced and added to hot milk with a touch of saffron and nutmeg.

  9. Almonds are one of my favourites, and I’ve been doing the #snackhappy challenge, I have to admit, that I did feel it made a difference to my energy levels and need to buy some more asap as my supply is down to the last few now!

  10. I’m not a fan of almonds which is a shame because they are such a healthy alternative. The only nuts I really like are salted peanuts which I think are very bad for me.

  11. Ooh yum! I’ve been doing the same as you Joy, and really trying to improve my diet over the last few months. My go-to snack has always been toast, but it leaves me feeling really bloated and sluggish, so I’ve cut bread out of my diet entirely and started eating handfuls of nuts pretty regularly throughout the day. So far I’ve been having macadamias, pistachios and cashews, but after reading this I think I’m going to add almonds into the mix too – thanks for the inspiration! xx

  12. We’re big nut fans in our house – which makes packed lunches even harder because here in Canada school is a ‘nut-free’ zone, so no Nutella, trail mix, or nutty muesli bars. That said, we more than make up for it once everyone’s home. We have jars of walnuts, brazils, peanuts, sunflower seeds, almonds, you name it, we have it. Like you said – great for something healthy on the go.
    I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that almonds are supposed to help with headaches so I always pack a few for my husband who gets terrible migraines.

  13. I don’t like almonds unless they are mixed with something… but I need to control my snacking big time.

  14. I absolutely live almonds, and all other nuts. I’m not usually a very healthy eater but I know that having a handful of nuts gives me a fab energy boost!


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