Small Changes to Diet #MotivationalMonday

The worst thing you can do to try to lose weight is by making changes that are too big. For me the calorie counting was too much. There is no way I can cope with cutting back on my cider and chocolate (well maybe a little). So I needed to have a rethink. What I learnt from the calorie counting is that I am eating too many carbs and not a lot of the other food groups. So I had a look at what the different food groups are.

small changes to diet

They are fruit and vegetables; starchy foods; meat, fish, eggs and beans; milk and dairy; and fat and sugar. Most people eat too much fat, sugar and salt and not enough fruit, vegetables and fibre. So I thought that I would start by trying to increase my consumption of fruit and vegetables.

small changes to diet

To start with I didn’t care how unhealthy it was – so a chocolate coated raisin was still a fruit. I have to say I haven’t gone as far as counting cider (but it is apples right!). I even tried to see it in terms of having a treat by coupling a salad with salmon (oh and some salad cream).

small changes to diet

It is about changing my habits and the goal about eating more of that food group. Once it is part of my routine I will then look again at healthier options (possibly starting with losing the salad cream). Similarly with fruit – if you look at the packaging of dried fruit the calories/sugar content etc is rather bad, but by buying it means I have no excuse for it to go beyond its best, and have none in the house.

Fruit is easy to snack on or to accompany a meal. You can even see it as a pudding. Why not start with having some strawberries with ice-cream. Or strawberry cheesecake or apple strudel. See this healthier eating doesn’t have to be so bad.

I’m starting with small amounts too. If I’m honest I find fruit and salad much easier than fitting vegetables into my diet as they need no preparation. If anyone had any tips I would really appreciate them.

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3 thoughts on “Small Changes to Diet #MotivationalMonday”

  1. Sorry mine’s not going to help with the diet 🙁 Best left for a Easter when all chocolate is calorie free as a result of divine intervention – true story 😉

  2. i have not been so good with my calorie tracker the last few days due to some over indulging parties!! But i intend ot get back on track today. i need to incorporate more fruit and salad into my diet too as not only are these options better for me they are fewer calories too.
    apparantly by starting each day with an apple and / or hot water and lemon these kick start your metabolism x


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