Is a long Ferry Journey worth it?

What could be a quick flight turned into a long journey on the Ferry over to Holland. We could have taken the Dover to Calais route and this would have meant lots of driving for my husband – and a lot of it on the other side of the road with different rules. The journey to Holland meant that we were on the Ferry from 9am-5pm making a very long day with children.


But if I was asked if I’d do it again the answer is definitely yes.


The children really enjoyed themselves – and in fact the Ferry was a big part of their excitement.

There was things for them to do and see also. Not constantly being in the car for the journey meant I was less tired when we arrived as well as my husband. The Ferry was paid for by using Tesco vouchers and I didn’t have to worry about having enough Euros for fuel/tolls on the way home.


I certainly prefer taking our car to the plane as we don’t have to be limited to what we can take.