Interview with the Hanns Part 2

16KidsandCounting Star Emma Hann’s Interview Part 2

Mother To Annabelle Hann, star of My Life My Big Family Wedding on CBBC Tuesday 26th February 2013 5:45pm


The Hann Family believe that a work ethic is very important, and their older girls have picked up part-time work, through their studies, to get them the “fashionable extras” they might want.

Other values important to them include for their children to be able to make their own decisions, to know they are loved, and to have confidence in their abilities. They try to make sure our children realise everyone is equal and not to judge others.


Religion is also important to them, Emma says, “It is very important to us to have our faith, it has had an effect on shaping who we are. It has helped us in our hardest times, and giving us a stronger commitment to each other

Emma and Roy already know what life in a Large Family is like – Roy has 7 brothers and a sister; whilst Emma has 5 sisters and 2 brothers.  Emma tells me, “The only get-togethers tend to be when babies are born!”


They have used cloth nappies and fully breastfeed all of their babies; with Posy who is nearly 2 years old, still breastfeeding (the World Health Organisation recommend a minimum of 2 years). Emma feels that she has been able to do this due to her husband, Roy, being very supportive of it, and has helped to give her those all important feeding times.

Emma says, “Posy is 22 months and has been my longest breast feeder, with no signs of stopping. I have had a few go to 18 months but my normal feeding lasted around a year. I have been pregnant whilst still breastfeeding, but normally by then, I was wanting to wean them off.”


The best thing about a Large Family
is the loads of love. The cuddly babies, cute little toddlers, the becoming independent little school agers, the teenagers and the humour and smart comments, I love it all! We have a lot of very affectionate children and that is a lot of love!

What makes being a large family more difficult 
is the tiredness and the laundry and the storage! The shoes are all in a huge basket with a lid (nightmare if you have to leave the house in a hurry).


Emma and Roy had known of each other through their youth, but only dated 3 weeks. “We just chatted and I think both of us knew it was right and that we were meant to be together. Always sounds crazy to me now. We are still here though 22 years later.”

With their 25th Wedding Anniversary only 3 years away Emma says “It would be amazing to go away for a little bit on a romantic weekend!”


They own their house, “it’s only the second house we have owned. We were just fortunate.”

Emma’s money saving tip is use Gumtree –
We love Gumtree, and have discovered buying quality products on clearance has always been better. Eg I have gap school backpacks that have lasted 8 years.”

If money were no object then the family would love an amazing family holiday, as they have never had a holiday together.


Part 1 of the interview, look out for the 3rd and final part – about typical daily life for the Hanns.

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