Dinosaur Birthday Party

My youngest son, who has Special Needs, gets really hung up about birthdays. He was meant to be born on my birthday, but instead decided to come 5 weeks earlier. So when it came to planning my birthday he had really not got over his. He thought that every birthday should be his birthday. When discussing what I would like for my birthday it was him that decided it would be a DINOSAUR PARTY. I figured that whatever would  make him happy, would make me happy. Therefore, my wonderful husband organised one for me. I actually think it helped him cope with the whole birthday thing too (there were a lot going on at preschool in the run up to mine too – he was very confused).


There were dinosaur balloons.


And dinosaur hats!

And he made me chocolate dinosaur cupcakes


To make it healthy he made a Fruit Dinosaur (excuse the banana – I recommend using a bit of lemon


He made me a dinosaur cake (I ALWAYS ask for chocolate cake every year!)


These sticks were bought, but I feel with some cocktail sticks and card you could make your own.

He actually bought them as a part of a set with cups, plates, etc – and a centre piece – who ate the cakes lol


And we had fun with dinosaur tattoos!


This is NOT a sponsored post.