Live Life in 2014

Sometimes in life you get those life bulbs moments when something that has been staring you in the face really becomes obvious. I know that New Year shouldn’t be the only time to stop and reflect but it really is as good as any.  It was indeed this New Year that made me really think about what I wanted from my life and what I did not and what is important to me.

When I read on DorkyMum about having a word for 2014 I knew it would be LIVE

LIVE your life in 2014

2013 was a difficult year for a lot of people who have really helped me along with my journey, especially with their positivity, despite what they may have been going through. When I questioned what it was about them that I admired, it was simply that they were living the life they had: Making the most of every moment: Not letting things that they could not control ruin the enjoyment of things they could.

With this in mind I got up on New Years Day.


The weather outside was utterly miserable: the wind blowing down fences and the rain lashing down. My head pounding I could have quite easily have pulled up the duvet covers and just gone back to sleep.


NO this was 2014 – and this was the year that I was going to Live my Life – make the most of things. My children were not going to suffer because I had over-indulged on a night out. So we put on our wellies and our waterproof coats and off we went. There was no reason to let the excuses take over.

Live life

In fact it was raining so badly that we never ended up where we set out to go because the roads were flooded. We found *somewhere* and pulled over in a car park. We were hoping to find something of interest to show the children but there was just muddy paths, and trees in an over –flowing river: Nothing interesting at all.

Live life

But we all walked, all of us. You see it is really easily to leave a teenager with Aspergers in his room, playing games, but we bought him out too. It was so lovely to see the older two boys walking side by side, soon the smaller one would be as big as his brother (I am sure they do something to them at secondary school to make them suddenly grow up).

Live life

And the sound of laughter as the younger two jumped and splashed in muddy puddles really helped soothe my banging headache.


Not once did any of the boys moan, or snipe, the sound of bickering had ceased – and all because they were just outside.


And we went home and I cooked a roast – before passing out into bed just before 8pm. So maybe my drinking had wasted some of the next evening, but I had managed to stay and make the most of the time my children were up.


I have set myself small goals this year and quality time with the children is a top priority. I have placed small pieces of paper in My Motivational Jar and am Instagraming goals too. I do hope you will join in with me. Of course Monday also sees the return of the MotivationalMonday linky too.

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