Lego Egg Decorating – Eggett (Emmett) and Superman #MotivationalMonday

Lego was always a really popular toy in our house, and over thirty years later it still is. The boys have actually been interested in it even more since watching The Lego Movie. When it came to making a costume we made a yellow Lego brick, so it stood to reason that this Easter would mean Lego Egg. Greatly inspired by the Egg Decorating Superheroes (Batman) over on RedtedArt, we made Lego Eggett (the egg version of Emmett) and Lego Superman.

egg decorating

There are many ways in which to decorate your egg but we started with the method of hard boiling the eggs. Probably not the best method as it means wasting an egg, and there’s only so long before it will start to smell. However, I decided that this was the best method for our children as it means they can really press down on the shell without causing too much damage. We saved on eggs by making both faces on one egg (either side a bit like the good cop/bad cop head in the film).

Again there are many ways in which to colour the egg but we decided to paint it. Obviously we went with yellow to represent Lego. This took several layers, allowing it to dry in between.

egg decorating

We decided to utilise  an egg carton box for the hair. Like the egg we just painted them – so it was not a complicated craft. A general shape of the hair was penciled onto the egg up and then cut out. The extra wave in Emmett’s hair was cut out, painted and then glued on.

egg decorating

For the body we used our old friend the toilet roll holder. For each character I used two rolls. Emmett had a main body and then the extra bit that holds the Piece of Resistance to him. Cutting out another piece of the cardboard to make a circle for the bit where the brick attaches – like on the Lego Emmett. this was all painted grey, again like the actual piece.

egg decorating

For Emmett we drew in pencil onto the toilet roll holder, using the Lego mini figure as a guide. Painting the orange first as it was a lighter colour. After the orange had dried the blue was painted, when that dried using a black felt marker the details was drawn in.

egg decorating

The finishes touches for our Egg Lego Emmett were to paint some of the cut out waste toilet roll holder yellow – and make some hands (which were glued on).

egg decoratingegg decorating

For Superman we did a main body painted all blue, and then another toilet roll holder for his cape, and simply painted it red. It was discovered that the Superman egg holder outfit was too wide for the egg, and it fell straight through. This problem was got around by stuffing an upside-down egg carton into the toilet roll holder.
egg decorating
To make the famous Superman shield a piece of white paper was painted yellow. From a piece of the red cape that was cut out the shield was made. The S was drawn and the right amounts of yellow needed were cut and glued on.

egg decorating egg decorating egg decorating

This was then secured to the main body with glue.
egg decorating

As you can see my efforts to make a Superman face are appalling – but if anything it taught me that you do not need to be good at craft, children are just glad that you spent the time trying.

egg decorating

 And there we have a finished Egg Emmett and Superman. The boys loved swapping them over and the two-sided head.

They are looking forward to making more of their favourite characters now.

Did you used to decorate eggs as a child? Which was your best creation? If not what would you make now?

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