Padstow Sealife Safaris Review

Padstow Sealife Safaris offer an experience – not just a trip! Off the North Cornish Coast experience an unforgettable exhilarating chance to view the sea and birdlife in their natural habitats. Each boat is crewed with professional guides with knowledge of the local history and rich heritage and skippered by RNLI Lifeboat crew members for reassured safety. The boats are fully licensed and insured and coded by MCA. Passengers are supplied with life jackets (and reassured that they won’t need them!) and a full safety briefing. Trips are fun for all ages and accredited by the Wildlife Watching Operator – which means they voluntarily adhere to strict guidelines about how to observe wildlife in a respectful manner, causing as little disturbance as possible.Padstow Sealife Safaris Review

Sealife Safari Boat Trip (2 hours) Review

What an amazing experience – one we would love to do again.

Before we arrived we were sent information including how difficult it can be to park the car at Padstow Harbour and the time we needed to arrive by. Luckily we were early enough to get a parking space nearby and at a reasonable price (for more information about parking at Padstow: We were provided with waterproof trousers and jackets if required and helped on with our lifejackets. Here we must note that you do not pull the yellow cord as it is what makes the jackets inflate. My teen accidentally pulled on his but this was not a problem and they provided him with another.Padstow Sealife Safaris boats

Hands up the boys were complaining before we set out for the day as they were expecting it to be boring! I can safely say they were wrong! The boat ride itself was amazing, as we rode at speed over fairly high waves. Everyone laughing it was such an experience that I cannot put into words how good it was. In fact we weren’t even bothered if we saw any wildlife or not at that point we really felt we had got our money’s worth.speedboat safari

Our guide was fantastic, she was so knowledgeable and very patient answering every question she could (even when The Sensory Seeker was trying to ask things that really did not make sense). Apart from the very beautiful coastline, we first saw some seals. Our guide gave us so much information about them – including why our boat was not getting any closer to where they live/were. She also pointed out birds and answered all the questions people had. Next we were in for a treat as we found lots of playful dolphins and a basking shark! This caused much excitement. It was a wonderful experience and then at the end they sped the boats around making doughnuts!

The things I am most impressed about with Padstow Sealife Safaris is their efficiency (we set off and came back punctually, they were well organised, knowledgeable and everything was in order), their patience (with my son blowing up his life jacket and my son’s questioning in particular) and just their general polite and cheery attitude. I think this experience offers good value for money as well as an amazing and unique opportunity and I would recommend it. I am sorry but my photos do not do it justice – it was all a bit quick!basking shark sighting padstow sealife safaris
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Also available:

1 Hour Seals Cave Experience: A shorter version of the Safari – a chance to find dolphins and grey seals – plus a wide variety of birdlife.

Adults: £22.50 Children: £15.00 Under 5s: £10

1 Hour Coastal Powerboat Tour: An exhilarating high speed powerboat trip out of the Camel Estuary and along the stunning North Cornish coastline.

Adults: £25 Children: £15.00 Under 5s: £10

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Padstow Sealife Safaris Review

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