Adult Micro Scooters Benefits

The kids loving taking their bikes and scooters on the school run. I love it too, as I know they are getting exercise first thing, it helps with their gross motor skills and spatial awareness. And well really, it just gets them to move! Instead of dragging their heels and me yelling at them. Problem is they shoot off so fast that I worry about keeping up. Not even my attempt at jogging could do it and they would end up laughing at me. But Micro Scooters came to my rescue and gave me my very own adult scooter so that I could enjoy the school run as part of my training for the Danceathon.

Scooting to School Facts & Benefits

Did you know that Scooting for 45 minutes burns an average of 350 calories an hour: That’s equivalent to around 1lb a week weight loss. That is more calories than spending the same amount of time walking (149 calories) and cycling (270 calories) and only 100 calories less than running for that time – but a whole lot easier! In fact over the course of one school term scooting to school every day you would lose nearly a stone (obviously dependent on how far away your school is!). With a 10 minute scoot burning around 80 calories.

adult scooterI found it really useful to help me keep up with the children on their scooters and helped me save time – as well as the keeping fit benefits. In fact I was really surprised at how easy it was to start toning my legs with such little effort (but they did start to ache). In fact hurrying home after dropping the kids off I even broke out in a sweat (I literally live a 10 minute walk away).

Scooting to school is good for burning fat, core conditioning, endurance building, agility, strength, stability and co-ordination. Microscooters are suitable for all ages and sizes. In fact if you have older children you could even let them Scoot to School and you use it to Scoot back home. Once you have outlaid the initial cost of the Scooter then scooting is free. It is a great way of encouraging getting outdoors and some fresh air. Obviously not using a car is better for the environment and makes the roads safer (especially as things can get rather manic around schools). The best thing about my new Microscooter is it is a lot of fun and I have even be using it to my visit my friend’s house. Do note that I didn’t put mine together properly and had a nasty accident with the pavement. Please follow the putting it together instructions and ideally wear a helmet.

Thank you to Microscooter for my adult scooter and for my Danceathon Sponsorship – as part of Team Honk we have currently raised over £30K.

The Big Pedal is Sustrans’ inter-school cycling and scooting challenge from 2nd – 20th March 2015. Schools compete to see who can get the most pupils, families, and staff members to arrive by bike or scooter. Currently 1,724 schools have registered* The #BigPedal will save over 1,000 tonnes of Co2; 85,000 gallons of fuel – costing over £500,000. Microscooters have FREE next day delivery on all Scooters – why not order yours today and join in tomorrow.

* Figure correct at time of writing this.

13 thoughts on “Adult Micro Scooters Benefits”

  1. I’m not sure my fitness levels post baby are quite up to scooting yet but I guess it might be a fun way to start shifting some baby weight. Can we ask them to design one with a baby seat? 😉

  2. I’d probably really enjoy this, however I live on the top of a hill and my son’s school is at the top of another and even walking is hard work. People even get off their bikes and have to push them the rest of the way to the top.

    But, would be a great idea for this summer. We’d have so much fun racing around the park! Z is due an upgrade too as we realised this weekend he has finally outgrown his micro scooter.

  3. Wow, I didn’t realise it was that good a workout! I got a bit freaked out the first time I went on a scooter as an adult, but I had a microscooter too and I was surprised by how quickly I got used to it.

  4. Love this idea, what fun! They don’t really do scooters here, they are more bike people, but if only I had one of these when we lived in London and I spent hours chasing after my two!! 😀

  5. Cool video – kept wondering where you put the camera to film such brilliant close ups of your journey! Great message, delivered beautifully! Good for you for going for it and no longer having to yell after the kids in the ungainly way the rest of us do!

  6. I have recently mastered the art of scooting on a Microscooter sprite with a mini micro and a maxi micro on the handle bars….are you impressed? 😉

  7. Wow ! Its a great idea. Really, its totally fun specially in summers. Scooters are very popular in UK not only for kids but also for adults. If someone would ask me about my favorite hobby, I would love to say riding scooter. For me, it’s a true level of enjoyment.


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