Potty Training

Toilet training is one of those parts of parenting that people have lots of different ideas about how to do it. I think you have to find what is right for each child and parent combination.

Our 2nd son we felt pressured to train earlier than we’d have like and it took longer than we’d hoped. Our 3rd son we waited until he was ready and it was done and dusted within 3 days!

So now we are on son number 4 and this is how we are doing.

He is 2 years and 10 months.

This potty has been in the living room for a long time and he has used it when we’ve let him have an airing.


I have found that my children have not been keen on the plain, cheap pottys but this frog has really been a hit. The top comes off for easy emptying. I take it out with me in the car as they like the familiarity of their own potty (some children prefer to go straight onto the toilet).

As it was half term last week there was little pressure to have to leave the house so we begun.

No nappies in the day – even at nap time.

I started with him just wearing pants, and then a few days in pants and trousers.

Yes there was lots of washing but he is getting there.


We have a duck toilet seat and a step to help make it easier for him to be independent.

I regularly sit him on the potty/toilet and reward him when he uses it (including at first by just sitting on).

OK this is bad parenting here but I’ve used haribos and chocolate buttons as well as praise.

If you want to be a “good” parent you could try a sticker reward chart, or maybe a small toy or something.


For me toilet training is also about teaching them hygiene so they like these liquid soap dispensers.

By Thursday we were ready to leave the house – and did a short journey.

Friday was his swimming lesson and so slightly further.

By the weekend we were out the house for over 3 hours (with his potty) and he only had 1 accident whilst out.

Yesterday he only had 1 accident all day (in the morning) and this included a session at playgroup.

Once he is dry in the day we will leave it a while before attempting the nights – but will judge that on how dry his nappies are.

10 thoughts on “Potty Training”

  1. OMG I want the froggy potty for my son. It is supper cute! I look forward to potty training my first. I might be pushing it a little. I need some tips from a rookie mom on training a boy. We too have “air” out time and I think all MALES need time to play with their junk. hahahahah all or any advice is welcoming

  2. I’m potty training child #4 and finding it really hard because I’m always on the go taking the other 3 everywhere. It really helps if you are home for the first few days. I think I’ll need to restart in term break too. Great ideas. 🙂

  3. I’m just about to buy Iyla a potty! She is still quite young but seems to know when she wants a poo and is always asking me to change her nappy so I thought I would get her used to it! I’m pretty scared about it! x

  4. What a great introduction to potty training. You make it sound so simple, although having done it twice myself now I know exactly what you mean about the influence of the child’s personality on the whole experience.

    Thanks for sharing at Parentonomy.

  5. Hi there! Thanks for your comments on my post, apologies for the delay in the return :-). The froggy potty does indeed look great. Think my kids would have loved it. Hope things are improving for you. It sounds like they are – one accident at play group after only a short time is surely a small victory!


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