Fun with F

I have been teaching my 4 year old the alphabet before he starts school in September (we find out which school he’s been allocated tomorrow!!!)

F was definitely for FUN, and we certainly had fun whilst discovering about it!


I started with my youngest simply glueing some flower shapes to a piece of paper. I have a box (an old plastic tub – either butter ice-cream, chocolates etc) filled with paper flower shapes – they come in useful so many times a year (Mothers’ Day, Spring, Easter, Get Well, etc, etc).

For my 4 year old I cut out a letter F and made some leaves out of green paper and glued it together.

You can find many ideas like this over on Pinterest.

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Next we thought about things that began with the letter F.

My 4 year old told me that FROG started with F, that he had learnt it at playgroup and told me all about how a Frog developed.

He then told me that Farm started with F – and we had been to one last week.


On the walk to playgroup we saw what else we could spot. We had a snack when we got back home and that also triggered some F words.

How many can you spot?


Then the real FUN began.

Because F is for FEET and FINGERS

and that could only mean one thing



He is currently really interested in mixing colours and seeing what happens. We had just used red and yellow and he mixed them up until he made brown.


As you can see even I joined in! It had started raining so we did it in the kitchen. Careful as we discovered that paint it VERY slippy!

We put the paint in old food containers that we had washed up. Recycled newspaper protected the floor. And a large rock was used as a paper weight.

Then based on this pin here and the original here we used our footprints to make a F for Fox.