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Well this week sees the end of the school year here in the UK. Now faced with not only gifts for teachers we have teaching assistants – making end of year an expensive business. See off I went to Pinterest in order to find some ideas that would make it cheaper and more personal. You can visit my Teacher Gifts Board Here.

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helpingmegrowThe original idea is here

I cheated and bought some plants – but you could, ideally, grow your own.

I then cut out 2 strips of yellow paper more than long enough to go around the pots.


Then with a black felt tip pen I got my son to mark the paper like a tape measure


Then we secured the tape measure to the pot with sticky tape


He then cut out a left shape out of some tissue paper and wrote the message – thanks for helping me grow on it, which we secured onto the card that tells you what the plant is.

And there you have it. So quick and simple but, I think, a bit more personal and special that just another plant.


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That say

“Ow’ll miss you, it’s been a Hoot!!”


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