Bubble Paint – or not

One of the hardest things I find trying to get crafty and creative with the children is a like things to be organised, planned and in a certain way. It’s hard for me to just let the children let their creative juices flow when I have thought of what seems like a brilliant idea. But honestly, I do understand that letting them is much better – it will teach them a lot more and allow them to develop their sense of self and have more confidence.

I mention this because I had this great idea that I’d use some old bubble blowing wands, with some diluted paint and washing up liquid and we would simply blow paint bubbles onto paper and come up with a brilliant piece of art.

That never happened but the children (engineered by my youngest) had their own ideas and a lot of fun.

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall




7 thoughts on “Bubble Paint – or not”

  1. lol that reminds me of last Saturday when i let my son and his friend loose with some paints. those shorts will never be the same again!

  2. Well done for letting them take charge, I would have had the same urge as you to peruse my own idea but the kids enjoy it so much more to be left to do their own thing! Very much outdoor fun and I hope the curry colouring came off their hands OK? Thank you for linking up, I love the idea of coloured bubbles.


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