Spider and Web Kids Craft

If you’ve been following our Letter Learning Journey you will know that we have come to the Letter S.

I am very lucky that in my area there are courses put on for adults for free.

spider @pinkoddy

Currently there is a Halloween Craft one and this is where this idea comes from – you can visit the tutor (Amanda)’s webpage here


First we went into the garden to find some sticks to make the web


We put some newspaper on the table and then got together or the equipment we needed to make a spider and web.

  • sticks
  • wire
  • pliers and cutters
  • scissors
  • wool (and we used string)
  • pipe cleaners
  • googly eyes
  • glue
  • gems
  • glitter


First we crossed over two sticks. We secured them together with the wire. Then we added on another stick and secured this in the middle too. Then another.


Once all the sticks were secured in the centre we spun the web going around the sticks, pulling it tight with the pliers.

We also threaded some sparkly gems onto the wire as we went around – this is optional.


We left some of the wire to secure a spider which we made by making a lazy pompom.

Simply spin the wool around your hand (here we used Green for Ghouls)


Then simple tie the two ends together and squash it.


 Fastening the legs (from pipe cleaners – making sure it makes 8 legs) over the top.


Then sticking on some googly eyes

Ghoul spider @pinkoddy

This Ghoul was made by my 3 year old so didn’t have a web – the one on the web you secure together with the leftover wire from the web so it hangs off the web.


Some sparkly glitter onto the branches


And viola.

This is a white spider because it’s a Ghost.

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