Halloween Alternative to Trick or Treat Ideas

Trick or Treating isn’t for everyone at Halloween. We tend to only go and visit people we know, but even then some people  just consider it begging.

For those of you who visit my SensorySeeker blog you will know that recently we had some good sensory fun with dinosaurs. Well I thought what a good Halloween alternative to trick or treat would some sensory spiders be.

Halloween alternative to trick or treating frozen spiders

I filled 3 tubs with spiders, water and some food colouring.

Then simply ran a hot bath and let the children each lose with a frozen coloured block containing the spiders.

Halloween alternative to trick or treating frozen spiders

I think it was quiet a surprise just how fast they did defrost. The boys loved how the food colouring changed the colour of the bath.

Halloween alternative to trick or treating frozen spiders

They loved playing the spiders even after the water had defrosted too. My 10 year old asked if it was apple and blackcurrant squash to colour the water – which would have been cheaper. I explained that this would have made the bath sticky and not clean, but that it would have been good for a party idea – or out of the bath play.

I think a party is a nice alternative to trick or treating, it gives a great opportunity to get together with family, friends and/or neighbours. Personally I prefer it to children walking in the streets in the dark, in dark clothing.

Here are some other things to think about when planning a Halloween Party.

Halloween Decorations

Decorations can give the place a really good spooky feel.You can make them in the run up to Halloween – especially good if it falls over the school holidays.

Halloween decorations for halloween party

Why not simply draw around your hands on some white paper, turn upside-down and draw on a face – GHOSTS – thread through some string and make Halloween Bunting!

Me and My Shadow and other Spooky Crafts

Or some Paper Lantern Bats and Ghosts over on Domestic Goddesque


Make a mummy – you could always turn him into a Guy afterwards.

You could use your spider creations and I’ve since seen these fantastic Spider Horse Chestnuts by RedTedArt

not forgetting her Halloween Lanterns

Halloween Lanterns from Jam Jars RedTedArt Guest post on Pinkoddy

Of course pumpkins are great at adding to the mood – there are absolutely loads of Pumpkin patterns on the internet – what will you create?


Halloween Party Food

Of course there’s the Halloween Cakes on last weeks Motivational Monday


Spooky sweets can be added into your pumpkin – or put one on your doorstep if you don’t want to be disturbed.

Halloween Drink


Blood fountain!

Halloween Games

Halloween party marshmallow game


Amazing what a bit of food colouring can do to the feel of water. Apple bobbing – with eye balls!


Slimey spaghetti, some food colouring – will you find the right coloured ball to win a sweet – no peeping now.

If you don’t fancy a party, or Trick or treating, then maybe do some Halloween Science.

30 thoughts on “Halloween Alternative to Trick or Treat Ideas”

  1. I think the spiders in the bath would have freaked me out but it’s a great idea for kids. Some fantastic suggestions here. To think, all we ever did as kids was apple bobbing!

  2. Oh I love the idea of a pumpkin speared with spooky sweets, am definitely doing that one this year once our time is up for opening the door but I don’t think I can bring myself to do the spiders in the bath, I’m filled with dread just looking at the photos!

  3. *makes mental note to buy marshmallows*

    Such great ideas – and anything with mallows is totally genius – especially if it means I can eat them!

  4. These are great tips darling, I think we’re still going to be living in the hotel this Halloween but I’m using them for sure next year

  5. Lovely ideas. I’m thinking of having an anti Halloween party just for the sake of it but all these wonderful ideas are tempting me to rethink!

  6. Lots of great ideas! I particularly like the spiders in ice in the bath… Think I might have to try that one 🙂 Thanks for hosting x

  7. Love the cauldron dip – I was thinking of doing one with the odd lychee (eyeball) and cornflour as well as spaghetti…..


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