Don’t lose Precious Memories because they are on Video Tape (Competition)

Did you grow up with a video recorder? Have you lots of video tapes that you filmed with your video recorder? 

Most of my second son’s first year was recorded onto video tape and so when I was given the opportunity to convert Video to DVD (via my laptop) by Magix I was absolutely thrilled.

BUT not ONLY that but they also have very generously offered one of the readers of Pinkoddy’s Blog a FREE copy too!!!

The kit comes with all phono and scart connecters – all you need is your video recorder and computer/laptop (plus the video)

It can handle s-video input – but it does not come with a s-video lead

First put the cd in and select Video easy Rescue Your Videotapes 6

I pressed next and OK on all the prompts (accepting defaults) to get it to install

Once the install has finished select the USB video converter option from the main CD menu to install the drivers for the USB stick.

Once everything is installed run MAGIX Video easy Rescue Your Videotapes 6 by double clicking the icon on your desktop.

You have to register to get all the features like mpeg-2 format (which is dvd standard)

After entering the registration details I got a white screen, and had to start the programme again so I could continue.

When the program successfully loads you are prompted whether you want to work with existing media files or capture from an analog source, such as VCR (this is the option I chose)

I used the standard yellow, white and red (composite connectors), and press continue and then

You are then presented with the a window which allows you to see what you are recording, so press play on the VCR and then click on Transfer Video to Computer

Once the video has been captured you get an editor where you can play the video and add effects etc…

The process to capture it all was quiet easy.

When it worked it was easy and great

The editor has an audio edit especially good to get rid of those embarrassing moments!

Cut bits out.

Make it like an old movie, black and white.

Zoom in and out.

You can add music, pictures, text!

So many ways you can edit!

You can also record from your webcam and then edit.


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Terms and conditions:

This prize is open to UK residents only and will be sent directly from the promoter Magix.

Closing date is 3rd December.

I received no money for this post, but did receive a free copy of the product to review.

43 thoughts on “Don’t lose Precious Memories because they are on Video Tape (Competition)”

  1. What a great idea. I have lovely video of my daughter at 2 doing the ‘hoovering’ alongside me. She has a Casdon replica of my hoover and is very comic. I would love to be able to put this onto a format I could pass on to her .

  2. My parents have tons of videos of us growing up that really need to be put on a DVD. This would be a perfect gift for them!

  3. Liked and Shared on Facebook> This would be ideal as a lot of my videos are starting to severely degarde and I would hate to lose the memories

  4. Think I have done all that is asked, this would be a great prize, I would love to watch some of my childrens videos that we shoot when they were babies


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