Healing For Kerry

I haven’t been fortunate enough to meet Kerry in the flesh yet but am sure there’s going to be a great gathering of bloggers to give her a fab party when she’s up to it again! Please let her be home in time for Christmas.

Every Week I’d Go and Link Up With Kerry’s Family Frolics Linky

And every week Kerry would come and take the time and trouble to post on my blog and thank me for linking up. I have no photos to share but here are some of her comments:

“I love the happy h’s but where did you get that handwriting book from. That’s what we need? X Thanks for sharing on family frolics! :)

“I can see with many parents how fussy eating can drive them mad, and I have seen through my own personal experience that once you relax so does the child. I have been quite lucky to date and I really encourage like you do, feeling, tasting and licking. They know it is ok to spit it out if they don’t like it (as long as it is in the toilet, bin or napkin) and that gives them confidence. I try to an adopt a take it, or leave it approach. This is what is on offer, I will encourage you to eat it, but not force you. There are no alternatives. I think children realise quickly that food is the one place they can assert their authority and independence. Let them have it for a bit, they will not starve and soon realise it might be better just to check they don’t like it. Obviously you learn quickly when a taste is genuine, for example BB can’t stand bananas.

Thanks for sharing in Family Frolics. :)

“Newspaper fight! Genius! I love that.

Thanks for linking to family frolics! :)

And there’s obviously a lot more, but you can see each one is kind and thoughtful. I am wishing for Kerry to get well soon and am joining in this #HealingforKerry.

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5 thoughts on “Healing For Kerry”

  1. I only linked with Family Frolics once. Sadly when I wanted to link I wasn’t frolicking and then when I spent 6 weeks frolicking with my son and nieces and nephew everyday I think she was already in hospital by then and no longer doing it.

    God I miss her so much. She’s left a hole that nobody else can fill, which means there is a slot nicely vacant for her return, plus her hubby has kept her blog warm for her 🙂

    Great post and love the addition of comments from her – could hear her voice as I read them.



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