Snow is NOT for children!

It’s obviously not PC for children to play in Snow! At school they have been told they cannot throw snowballs because there could be ice in them – and then someone gets hurt. I can imagine many a parent moaning to the Head about how their child has got wet/hurt/upset – so, to some extent can understand why the school may make that rule.


But that’s okay because we can still have fun on the school run right?


We walked home on Monday this week. There wasn’t much snow about, but on Friday together they had made a small Snowman.


You may think he looks a little different from before.


And they wished to make a SnowDog to go with it. They collected it bit by bit on the walk home. And once they had a reasonable amount for the body, my 9 year old handed it to my 5 year old, so that he could make a head.


But then disaster struck!

The 5 year old DROPPED the snow!!!!!

He was disappointed, but handled it well. The 9 year old tried to scoop it back together, but just couldn’t seem to do it. I couldn’t help as it was near a reasonably busy road and there was no way I could risk letting go of my youngest hand. We agreed to leave it behind, and my 9 year old patted it down.

Then this deranged woman came out of her house shouting about how she’d just swept the path. I mean like quiet aggressively. I wouldn’t have even minded quiet so much if the kids had been throwing it around (otherwise known as a snowball fight), but the poor kids had accidentally dropped it! I exclaimed that it was only snow. Well how un-politically correct am I! Because she said that it wasn’t! That it was a health and safety issue!!!


The truth is snow is for adults. I realised this when returning out from a half hour outing in the snow with my husband and seeing all the videos and photos on Facebook. Some adults know how to have more fun – with a great video of a snow angel for example.


We went to try to steal the next road’s snow lol.


But didn’t quiet manage to get it home as I had no gloves.


And it was all very romantic.


I mean when the current adults went to school, we walked with it high up to our knees and we able to throw snowballs at school. I remember my Moonboots. So it is obviously only for our generation lol.

What silly PC snow things have you heard?


5 thoughts on “Snow is NOT for children!”

  1. Some times we can take safety too far. I understand the concerns of the teachers as they have to cover themselves from any blame thank goodness we can still make our own rules in our own time with our own kids, so long as it is not near Mrs Tricky’s drive way! Thanks for adding an interesting look at the snow to Country Kids

  2. Agressive snowballing of passersby is not good, but apart from that I think snow is for everyone, as long as you haven’t got to go anywhere and the water and heating works 🙂

  3. I can understand the schools thinking i know what some of the chidrren are like at my sons school and if they were allowed to throw snowballs all hell would break loose! That woman sounds properly miserable though! If u have more snow i would go and dump a load outside her house!!! 😉


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