Then and Now #SpecialK30 Changes over 30 years

This is an entry into the “BritMums/Special K “How I’ve changed Linky challenge”  Sponsored by Special K.


Let’s be honest here I only entered this for the prizes. Sometime in the last 30 years I had tried Special K and HATED it. I thought it was bland, plain and flavourless. It reminded me of drop a dress size, and an image of a red dress. The reason that I’m not the petite thing I was 30 years ago (apart from the age and 4 kids factor) is that I LOVE food, – food with flavour that is.


The box arrived, and I rolled my eyes at the fact that there was 37% extra free – deep joy!

I filled up a bowl – for purposes of taking a nice looking picture. My husband piped up that he’d eat it – and I told him good because he may need to finish this bowl that I’d just filled up.


OH MY DAYS how WRONG was I!!!!

See the thing is they’ve changed the recipe. It now contains three grains (formerly 2) – rice, wheat and barley – and is made with wholegrain, for a source of fibre as well as 8 vitamins and minerals.

This gave it so much FLAVOUR and TEXTURE.

Thing is I think they’ve gone wrong though, as it’s marketed at women who want to lose weight* – when actually it was more Crunchy-Nut (you know one bowl is never enough). In saying that though it did fill me up (I have been struggling not to have crisps straight after my breakfast, until I switched to Special K).

*disclaimer – this is a joke, the new recipe is actually even healthier and less than 2% fat.

So how have I changed over the last 30 years.

Well in 1983 I was an only child

Me with my Mom

It was just me and my mom, and she did all the worrying. She made sure I ate the right things, did the right things and made sure I felt loved.

My late brother who died aged 6

My only sibling had died in a road traffic accident – so my mom had a lot to worry about.

And I didn’t help – with wanting to wear my dodgy pink shell suit jacket to school, my wanting to buy everything from The Body Shop – and wear it all at once at school, to my relationships with boys, fights with girls, and sneaking off to the Dome when I was only 15 (a nightclub for over 18s).

Despite this my mom was a truly inspirational person, always one to help others – and I like to hope that 30 years on I’m even a smidgen like her.


Now it’s my turn to make sure my kids eat the right things, do the right things (or at least know right from wrong) and feel loved.

I hope if nothing else my mother is proud of me.

I have achieved:

  • I have a wonderful family – a loving husband, and 4 wonderful boys.
  • I have been married 10 years this June.
  • I have a first degree in Psychology (2:1 whilst 8 months pregnant when doing my finals).
  • I am a survivor
  • I am a home owner
  • I have some really great friends
  • I can drive (well I have a licence).
  • I am a breastfeeding peer supporter.
  • My son said my blog too :O)

5 thoughts on “Then and Now #SpecialK30 Changes over 30 years”

  1. Well said. I am loving the Dome comments …. only Midlands girls will understand about the Dome! 🙂
    It has been getting on for 20 years since I saw you but your achievements in that time are amazing!

  2. Lovely tribute to your Mum and like you son’s mention of the blog. Commenting for BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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