Dinosaur World Torquay & Natural History Museum

You may have noticed that we like dinosaurs in this house. I think our interest really began in April 2012, when whilst on holiday in Devon we picked up a leaflet advertising a Dinosaur World in Torquay.


It was just under £6 per person with 2s and under getting in free. I think it was because it was Easter but the children were given a sheet with activities/questions to answer from information they could find if they looked. At the end they received a badge, a certificate and a dinosaur tooth. We also bought a family photo of us sat on a dinosaur.


There was lots of facts and things to discover, and ALL the children found something that interested them/they could interact with – which wasn’t easy when they (then) ranged between 2 and 15.


Recently we took the 3 youngest to London.

Big Ben London

It just made sense that whilst we were there we would visit the Natural History Museum – as there are Dinosaurs there!


The Natural History museum is FREE, and run by charitable donations. You can purchase a guide or a children’s guide (with puzzles) for ONLY £5 each.


The one thing I would do is, to go to  the Dinosaurs first, as we looked around other parts first. We had to queue to get into the dinosaur area.


It was really amazing, but very busy (it was a weekend in August). I did take photos but it was so crowded and the light not right for my unexpert eye that they aren’t worth sharing. I do have a couple though.

There was so much detail and facts – it was absolutely amazing!

There was a lot of pushing and people standing very close, and others just wanting to barge past. We couldn’t easily just get out, and it was all a bit much for our youngest. Well worth a visit though.

Thank you for this lovely gift of Dinosaurs from Tracey A Belcher


and Thank You for this fantastic Dinosaur Tail from Keynko after reading this post here
Dinosaur tail Keynko

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23 thoughts on “Dinosaur World Torquay & Natural History Museum”

  1. It looks like you had the best time when you visited Dinsosaur World – what an incredible place! I love the Natural History Museum, it’s wonderful there. We should take POD there really 🙂

  2. The Natural History museum sounds great. I bet your sons really enjoyed Dinosaur world. These things can be so inspiring to children, which is great!

  3. Okay, being that we are Londoners and Aaron LOVES dinosaurs we are going to have to get ourselves to the Natural History Museum. My only trouble is, despite it being free, a one day travelcard costs me nine pounds. The day we went to see We’re Going on a Bear Hunt Live we made full use of it and then went to lunch and then went to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground which is phenomenal xx

    • we got some sort of off-peak travel card (was Saturday night and Sunday) and not too expensive. All the kids were free too. The Diana Memorial Playground closed when we got there as we didn’t realise there was a shutting time, so we still need to go back. x

  4. Dinosaurs? I hate dinosaurs! Only kidding – they rule. The Natural History Museum is a great place isn’t it?

    Thanks for linking up to the Parenting Pin It Party x

  5. I used to love dinosaurs when I was little – will be interesting to see if Peanut likes them too one day…! Looks like such a great day 🙂 x

  6. We love dinosaurs too – the Natural History Museum is fab. We’ve also been to a (temporary) exhibition the other year in B’ham and a dinosaur museum in Dorchester.

  7. Thanks for highlighting some great places to visit for families with dinosaur fans! I’d love you to join in with my weekly Family Days Linky at mumsdotravel.com, if you’d like to 🙂

  8. They look great – we definitely want to visit London at some point and the museum looks really good – my son loves dinosaurs too!

  9. We seem to be getting interested in Dinosaurs in this house too! Eldest Monkey wants to go to Dinosaur Adventure! Popping by from Magic Moments linky!

  10. Our boys liked the dinosaurs in the Natural history museum as long as they were the small robotic ones…the big ones…well let’s just say they sprinted faster than Mr Bolt could ever wish to pas those!

  11. Looking at the penultimate pic of your son sitting in the garden – is that a sneaky way you’ve discovered of getting him to eat greens? 😀

  12. It’s good to know about Dinosaur World. My kids always love the dinos in the Natural History Museum in London. (Found you via Family Days)

  13. My sister (now 34!) used to love dinosaurs too!! I remember going to a dinosaur museum type thing one year when we were little in America in Oregon…I can’t remember much about the whole thing (I was quite young) but I do remember from the pictures that it was class. If she ever has kids I’ll have to let her know about this place – she’d love it.

  14. I so happy you stopped by my blog toady because now I found you! Great blog! Looking forward to following you on Facebook and linking up!


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