Christmas Craft without the Mess!

Want to join in with Christmas Craft but don’t want the mess of all that paint, glitter and glue? We are lucky in that we have laminate flooring so it is easy to clean up any mess, but don’t think I would be so patient with a carpet. It may not even be about the mess, cleaning it up can be quite time-consuming and there’s not a lot of that in the run up to Christmas. Here are some ideas for getting crafty at Christmas without the mess.


Why not use stamps and stencils (or even Festive hole punches) to make a lovely Christmas picture and/or card.

less mess christmas craft

Colouring Pictures

You can buy colouring in books from a variety of places, or you can print pages from the internet. Colouring-in is fantastic for practising fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, precision – and in my house sharing (why do they always want the same colour at once?!). Then of course there’s a variety of tools for colouring in with – crayons, pencil crayons, felt tips – all of which can be picked up cheaply. There is also the option of colour-by-numbers – therefore helping with their numeracy skills too.

Some pictures even can be made into decorations by cutting them out and folding over tabs (source)

Colour the angel, colour her in and then turn her into a decoration by slotting the tab into the hole.

Paper Folding

You can fold paper to make different shapes (origami) what about something like this  Christmas tree from Five Go Blogging made from a yellow pages, and MummyBarrow from a magazine.

christmas tree magazine


How about using stickers as an alternative – for example using coloured stars (to make it festive) to fill in a picture – again very good for fine motor development. Or again you can do (a big) colour by numbers and use different coloured stickers to fill it in. Or what about using sticky-backed gems?

If you did fancy getting a little messy you can make your own pictures to stick such as in this example by Cheesy sausages

christmas cards make your own shapes


You could use tape as an alternative to glue for many of the crafts you see, alternatively why not make a picture using Christmas tape.

You can either copy a picture or print one out and have the children tape over the top. Here is my reindeer (original idea from stylizimoblog)

less mess christmas craft

Find more Washi Tape Craft ideas at RedTedArt


You may have a lot of sweets leftover from Halloween, or you may buy them for Christmas – there’s quite a few fun mess-less ways to turn them into Christmas creations.

Or why not use the craft as a way to wrap them in a more unusual way – like these chocolates that I turned into a Snowman.

less mess christmas craft

Paper Plates

Paper plates can be really versatile – you can use them to make masks, or Wreaths and other Christmas Crafts by drawing on and cutting them.


Okay so you will have a bit of mess with the cut up bits of paper, but in the grand scheme of things it isn’t that great and will not stick to everything at least.

Snowflake TRH Advent craft and book review


This is great to help develop fine motor skills. The mess will mainly be rogue beads rolling away. You could make Wreaths for example (see RedTedArt) or make threading cards – where you make holes for your Christmas design and then thread it through.Or how about Christmas Bead ornaments like these from HereComeTheGirls.

christmas bead ornaments HereComeTheGirls


I don’t see this is as a very messy product and you can even make your own, giving it some gorgeous Christmassy smells and colours. The possibilities for Playdough are endless – creating scenes, building snowmen, trees – and why not add some cardboard to help your scene,  or collect some things from nature outside.

Why not try this recipe for Christmas playdough over on Learning4kids

Pipe Cleaners

Pipe cleaners are as mess free as craft comes. Why not try something simple like our star

less mess christmas craft

Glue Sticks

I like glue sticks – as they are not that messy at all. Then you can simply get your child to glue on objects (feathers, bits of foil, more stickers, pasta, scraps of paper) to a cardboard (old cereal box) cut out shape (something Christmasssy – a star, a tree, an angel).

Why not decorate a picture by glueing on some feathers and other bits, or using stickers

Afterwards, simply make a hole at the top, thread through the hole and you have a Christmas ornament.

Home made Christmas bauble for the tree

Toilet Roll holders

If you are willing to give glue sticks a go then why not some stick coloured paper to toilet roll holders – why not give our TRH Angel a try? (check out our other Christmas TRH craft here)


Lego is pretty mess free – and there’s some great plans to follow on the internet to help with your creations like at Our Forever House .

Advent ideas

ActuallyMummy does not like messy craft so you should check out her blog. Her latest offering is these lovely advent calendar cups

homemade advent calendar cups

And for more easy to do activities at home see Mummy Mummy Mum’s – Easy Christmas Activities to do at home.

21 thoughts on “Christmas Craft without the Mess!”

  1. Love love love these ideas! I enjoy messy craft but sometimes need something quick and
    Mess free, especially with two toddlers and a carpeted house! Thanks for ideas x

  2. Such lovely ideas! I wish my boys were more into arts&crafts and wouldn’t think it’s some form of torture whenever I suggest something like that 🙂
    I really wanted to have some “kids creations” baubles to hang on the tree, but unfortunately we are sticking to the bought ones. You are always an inspiration. x


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