Lego Top Christmas Toys

Now the children are going back to school you may start to be thinking about Christmas. It is around now that you can grab some really good bargains. If you know what you are after that is even better. Lego itself is always going to be in the top toys for Christmas but it is interesting to see what the predicted top Lego toys are. These are the predicted top Lego Christmas toys for 2014.

Lego Top Christmas Toys

Lego Top Christmas Toys

THE LEGO® MOVIE Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP (RRP £79.99)
With the release of the film for home entertainment viewing it comes as no surprise that The Lego® Movie would be featuring in the top toys. I have to say that the Spaceship was the reoccurring theme throughout the movie that really captured my husband’s interest! Benny is a Master Builder so it will come as no surprise that the design of the Spaceship is Awesome to say the least. It has so much detail that it is bound to keep the builder occupied for a while!

Lego Top Christmas Toys

Super Heroes – Batman ™: The Joker Steam (RRP £49.99)
The Joker and his goon are going to destroy Gotham City with his steam roller. Batgirl and Robin need back up from Batman ™ and his Batwing. I haven’t actually seen this but it is definitely on our Christmas list. We love Batman ™ and have not actually got Batgirl, Robin or the Joker yet (even though they are some of our FAVOURITE characters!) This set sounds so amazing with missiles and gas bombs!

LEGO Friends Heartlake Shopping Mall (RRP £79.99)
Lego have really done their research into what girls want and discovered that they like details and to tell stories. The Heartlake Shopping Mall certainly allows for both. There is a whole host of features such as a revolving door, a convertible car with opening boot, saloon with spa, nail polish bar and lipsticks; a fast food bar; bridal and sports shops; photo booth; a revolving catwalk and DJ decks.

Lego Top Christmas Toys

I love how it has the same Lego flowers as I remember playing with as a little girl, but now there’s cute plant pots for them too. I adore the skateboard and the fast food meal, aww and the little handbags! In fact let’s be honest – as a 36 year old woman, surrounded by professional women at an event I got lost playing with it, and discovering all the care and attention that has gone into it! I can see why this is set to be on the top of many a Christmas list and well worth the money too. Of course you can also buy your son this set and am sure my boys will play with mine – I just don’t think they’d be too thrilled to wake up with it in their present pile!

LEGO® Star Wars™ – AT-AT (RRP £109.99)
Again Star Wars is not something me or my boys have been into – but I know it is massive amongst Lego fans. All I can see is that putting it together looks like it takes some doing and looks amazing when finished.

THE LEGO® CITY Arctic Base Camp (RRP £69.99)
With laboratory, conveyor belt, scooter, husky sled, tracked vehicle, helicopter and more – have major expeditions and investigations with snow and ice. I have been excited about this range since I saw it at the Toy Fair back in January when there was still a Wintery feel around. They had it on display with “snow” and I could quite see it going outside to play on a snowy day. Seeing it again without the snow gave me ideas about sensory messy play – using ice, shaving foam, flour etc.

top lego christmas toys

LEGO® Legends of Chima ™ Flying Phoenix Fire Temple (RRP £89.99)
Saber-tooth warriors attacking Phoenix Tribe’s Temple! I have to admit I know nothing about Chima – but that’s the beauty of Lego, there’s different things for different interests. It certainly looked impressive.

LEGO® Duplo® Number Train (RRP £12.99)
Learn numbers and counting whilst having fun building a train – really designed with pre-schoolers in mind.

Other Lego Gems
Not on their Top 7 List but some of my favourites were:

Lego Disney Princesses:
Ariel’s Magic Kiss (RRP £24.99)
Ariel’s Amazing Treasure (RRP £11.99)
Cinderella’s Romantic Castle (RRP £59.99)
Rapunzel’s Creativity Tower (RRP £34.99)
Cinderella’s Dream Carriage (RRP £24.99)
Merida’s Highland Games (RRP £17.99)

Lego Top Christmas Toys

Only recently did I say to my husband that I’d love some Disney Princess Lego. I think they are gorgeous minifigures and there’s so much attention to detail gone into all of the sets. They really help build play based upon on the films, and then let the imagination carry things on. All reasonably priced especially as they could be bought in place of a doll’s house, which could then later on be transformed into something else.

Lego Friends Jungle Sets:
Jungle Tree Sanctuary (RRP £24.99)
Jungle Bridge Rescue (RRP £24.99)
Jungle Rescue Base (RRP £44.99)
First Aid Jungle Bike (RRP £12.99)
Andrea’s Mountain Hut (RRP £9.99)
Jungle Falls (RRP £17.99)

Designed with the slightly older girls in mind (than Disney Princesses), again they tell a story and have a sense of adventure about them. There is a bit of pink about them but I would say they are mainly a light purple. Each one has a mission to go with it.

Lego Duplo Heroes
It’s good to see that you are never too young for Superheroes.

Batcave Adventurer (RRP £39.99)
Superman rescue (RRP £14.99)
The Joker Challenge (RRP £24.99)

Lego Juniors

That age that lies between being too old for Lego Junior but not old enough to put together complex Lego models have been bridged with Lego Juniors. A fantastic idea in that the main body of the construction is one piece, making it much easier for younger builders to build independently.

Police the Big Escape (RRP £24.99)
Spiderman™: Spider-Car Pursuit (RRP £11.99)
Defend the Batcave (RRP £29.99)
Pony Farm (RRP £24.99)
The Princess Play Castle (RRP £14.99)
Juniors Construction (RRP £14.99)
Digger (RRP £9.99)
Race Car Rally (RRP £24.99)

Lego Top Christmas Toys

And of course

The Lego Movie
Getaway Glider (RRP £11.99)
Cloud Cuckoo Palace (RRP £17.99)
Ice Cream Machine (RRP £24.99)
Trash Chomper (RRP £24.99)
Lord Business’ Evil Lair (RRP £59.99)

Lego Top Christmas Toys

For stocking fillers you can buy the bags with Lego in that is pot luck: I love The Lego Movie Minifigures and The Simpsons but recently discovered The Lego Friends Animals too!

lego top christmas toys


This is not a sponsored post. I attended Christmas in July and received a free goody bag. It has in no way influenced this post. All words and opinions are my own.

30 thoughts on “Lego Top Christmas Toys”

  1. Ooh – we LOVE Lego! I guess it’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas? Trouble is, my kids choices change with the wind, so I’ll wait a bit, but good to get thinking. SUCH fans of the small bricks in this house. So versatile! x

  2. Love how excited you were about this list and how comprehensive you’ve been! Our house has been taken over by Star Wars lego and I know the Bean has got his eye on the AT-AT and also the Death Star – which takes over 10 HOURS TO BUILD! *faints*

  3. I think Lego has become far too prescriptive. Bring back the old generic construction packs! Thanksfully we have enough Lego to see us through until the next Millennium lol so I won’t be buying any more 🙂

  4. i have a feelign that LEGO will feature heavily on Burton’s wish list this Christmas and i know he wants President Business’s Evil lair and daddy wants Benny’s spaceship!
    great round up Joy x

  5. Great post Joy. We LOVE Lego and are looking to get more sets for Christmas. Youngest loves trains so hoping to find a Lego set fit for him! (of course one he hasn’t already got!). I’m personally loving the new Junior range!


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