The MAD Blog Awards 2014

The MAD Blog Awards 2014. What an amazing and inspirational night. I got to meet and mingle with the top bloggers. In fact there were only 75 finalists out of 6,500 nominated. It was great to see some of the bloggers I have really get to know, and follow receive some much deserved awards, whilst making new blogging friends and meeting people I had only ever spoken to online. Special thanks to Michelle Pannell for giving me her hotel room, I am really sorry she could not make it but very grateful for the bed for the night. The EasyHotel was actually a really short walk away and so no taxis were even required.

The MAD Blog Awards 2014

The venue, The Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London, was amazing – even the toilets were posh! After a quick hug from Liz Weston (who was sober all night but such a laugh) I head for the lift for the lower ground. As luck would have it there I found Sue Radford and Noel Radford. I am actually rather amazed that they are just as they appear on the television – and by that I mean a nice, genuine, kind, and loving couple.

Sue Radford and Noel Radford with Pinkoddy

Then I was lucky enough to have a hair and make-up appointment. The ladies (@powderpuffgirls) were very good, and patient as there were a lot of women waiting to have theirs done. I then dashed back to my hotel to slip into my dress. Having read MumofthreeWorld’s post earlier that morning I had decided to ditch the clutch handbag and go with the one that went on my back (in completely the wrong colour) and to take my crocs (actually I took my heels and carried them in a bag until I got there). As we entered we were ticked off a list, given a lollipop, a token for an after dinner drink, and a stick for our goody bags. Then people were having photos with friends. This is when the lovely Liz Weston made sure I didn’t look a billy no mates and had a piccie with me (the first of the nights thanks to Liz).

Mad Blog Awards 2014 Liz Weston

Then we all gathered in the lobby and were handed drinks. There was a big operation game (erm apparently), and Pikachu was walking around. There were photo opportunities with Dr Ranj and then we went into dinner. We sat where we were according to the plan, which allowed for me to sit with people I hadn’t met before. I sat next to Sian from Pottymouthedmummy – who immediately made me felt welcome. Then the sponsor of the craft category Merry sat the other side of me. I think the latter thought I was a little crazy taking photos of my food – and erm, well the pictures didn’t even turn out that well. We had an amazing dinner, with fantastic service. There were so many inspiring bloggers there and it was fantastic to meet people for the first time. Too many to mention but special mention to Maddie and Grace.

Then on to the awards superbly hosted by Dr Ranj.

MAD Blog of the Year: The Future’s Rosie

Best Blog Writer: The Future’s Rosie

Best Baby Blog: Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three

Best Pregnancy Blog: It Started with a Squish

Best Family Travel Blog: Kids Days Out Reviews

Best New Blog: Don’t be Sorry

Outstanding Contribution: Team Honk – this was an amazing category and there were so many inspirational finalists in this category.

Best Craft Blog: Little Button Diaries

Best Food Blog: Frugal Queen

Most Innovative Blog: My Two Mums

Mad Blog Awards 2014

Best Thrifty Blog: Skint Dad

Best School Days Blog: Actually Mummy – who is the most amazing person ever. Always there good times and bad. So supportive. Wish I had the words to make things better for her. She always has them for me when I am feeling down. You see her 9 year old daughter has been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, and she was not feeling herself. I am really pleased that she took the award home for her daughter.

Most Entertaining Blog: Northern Mum 0 then there’s Jane. Always so funny. Who else could command us all to sing Happy Birthday to her (I thought I was losing the plot as it was, in fact, the day after her Birthday). With such supportive words for Helen, who I know she has been a great comfort to.

Best Photography Blog: Capture by Lucy – an emotional evening, on collecting her award she said how touched she was over the blogging community’s support on the loss of her nephew Skye (you can still help in his memory here)

Best MAD Blog for Family Fun: Family Days Tried and Tested

Best Homes & Interiors: Tigerlilly Quinn

Best Kids Blog: Lego by Z

 MAD Blog Awards 2014

Then it was time for more drinking and dancing. The following morning I had a nice stroll around London with the lovely Kids Days Out Reviews

Thanks to Sally and the team for all their hardwork and letting me go 🙂

Ohhh and the fabby gift bag:

Some of my favourite bits:

Bag – Parentdish

Organic Chocolate buttons – Hadleigh-Maid

Hama beads (which we have never tried) and Loom Bands to further make our Loom to the Moon longer – Craft Merrily

Kids Cereal and Fruit bites- @Follow_the_Bear

and delighted to receive another E-Cloth glass cleaner from @eclothuk


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  1. It sounds like such a great night! Love the people and the blogs that one. I am especially happy for Actually mummy, Northen mum and Team Honk. Cant believe I was suppose to be there but couldn’t make it 🙁 maybe next year


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