Life Skills Your Son Needs to Know Before he Leaves Home

I remember the first time my mom made me change a plug. I sat crying, no help nothing. Screwdriver in hand I had no directions on how to do it, and there was no Google. I just had a Hi-Fi for Christmas and if I wanted it to work I had to put a plug on it. I am pretty sure that was the scenario but that sounds so weird now because everything seems to come with plugs attached don’t they?! I know what she was doing though, she was trying to teach my life skills. In fact what it did do is make me hate screwdrivers forever (well I AM left-handed you know. What you’re left-handed and can easily use one – well lucky for you lol). Time has shot by since that day and I am quickly running out of time to teach my oldest life skills before he leaves home. In fact his first University Open day was last weekend!

life skills

Life Skills Your Son Needs to Know Before he Leaves Home

First off, note that this could easily be about sons and daughters, but as I have no daughters I have written it about sons.

First of all my method is to show my son how to do something. First do it with him, giving him as much or as little help as he needs and gradually taking that help away. If you think that sounds like babying him do bear in mind that this started when he was much younger. For example we let our second son use boiling water unaided to make tea when he was 10 years old (hmm then he burnt himself just before his 11th birthday!). The same with cooking – first we helped with the whole process, and showing, until now he can cook things alone (although more complex things he still asks for our help). So now we have established that my son can cook himself a Pot Noodle when he goes to University, I thought about what other skills he knows, so I can see what else he needs to learn. I got to thinking not just about the practical things – but the things that may stop him annoying others that he may live with.

Life Skills for Boys

  • To put the toilet seat down.
  • Squeeze the toothpaste from the end of the tube.
  • Use an iron.
  • Do the washing up.
  • Put dirty clothes in the wash.
  • Make a cup of tea/hot chocolate.
  • Use a vacuum.
  • Sweep up.
  • Load/Unload dishwasher.
  • Put clean clothes away.
  • Change the toilet roll.

life skills

I turned to some friends and asked them:

Can you tell me something that a man should be taught before leaving home?

Do their own washing – Tired Mummy of Two

How to change a toilet roll – Boo Roo and Tigger Too

Not to put empty (or those with just a dribble left!) juice cartons / milk cartons back in the fridge – Richmond Mummy

How to treat a woman.Actually how to treat everyone – BugBirdBee

How to put a duvet cover on without getting in it!! – Life as Alice

How to prepare a quick and easy dinner if mum is out, not beans on toast. – Emma and 3

How to close cupboard doors – Stressy Mummy

Kiss those still in the house goodbye… oh and put the milk back in the fridge…. – Kids Chaos

That there is no dishwasher filling/emptying fairy – Cheetahs in My Shoes

That cupboards and drawers not only open, but if you push them, they also shut too – Me and My Shadow

How to use a washing machine – mount washmore will not wash itself! – Stacey Corrin

To remember where you put your stuff. I have to remember where everything is in our house – Mari’s World


If you want to look at the other Life Skills we need to be teaching our children before they leave home then take a look at Not SuperMum’s Linky.

Do you have any life skills that boys need that you could add (or girls for that matter)?


15 thoughts on “Life Skills Your Son Needs to Know Before he Leaves Home”

  1. I don’t have a boy but these are great tips. In the Asian culture it used to be that the boys were never allowed to do anything around the house….it does seem to be changing and if I have a boy then they will be taught these skills!

  2. Great tips. I have started with my boys. My 10 year old makes a wicked cup f tea and my 16 year old is learning to cook more advanced dishes from scratch rather than from the freezer. I m also keen to teach them about managing money and bill paying as and when they are emotionally ready to deal with it.

  3. I plan on teaching my daughter some cheap and basic cooking before she goes off to Uni – she has food GCSE but that didnt seem to give her many practical skills for eating on a budget!

  4. Doing a supermarket shop on a budget would have been a good one to know before leaving home. Oh wait, when Laura is your other half that doesn’t really need to be taught.

  5. Aiden (14) knows how to do quite a lot of things around the house because he’s had chores since he was little. He does need more help with cooking though. He’s not very confident and it’s time we helped him with that 🙂

  6. Oh My Goodness! This is SO true! My son is a tween and he’s such a typical male. I need to print this and start to drill him, LOL!

  7. Hee hee – we were taught how to wire plugs at school and hubby always makes me do it. I agree with your tips, still can’t get mine to change the loo roll – or even check there is some in the bathroom before they do their business!


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