New Peppa Pig Toy Collection

New Peppa Pig Toys

New Peppa Pig ToysWhilst we were at the Cinema we were excited to see a Peppa Pig: The Golden Boots trailer. We love Peppa and her family and really enjoyed visiting Peppa Pig World at Paulton’s Theme Park. Whilst we wait for that we were excited to see the new Peppa Pig Tv advert/video showing Peppa Pig and her family going on holiday.

We love holidays and I am planning our next one now so it’s a great way to visually get my youngest excited.

Five times longer than the traditional TV commercial and can be seen on channels including Nick Jr., Milkshake!, Disney Junior and Cartoonito and YouTube (see below):

New Peppa Pig ToysPeppa Pig and her family’s adventures on holidays are cleverly combined clips from the animation series and new footage incorporating the new Holiday Time toy range. Peppa Pig fans can look forward to playing with the Holiday Sunshine Villa, Grandpa Pig Holiday Boat, Air Peppa Holiday Jet and much more.

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New Peppa Pig Toys



3 thoughts on “New Peppa Pig Toy Collection”

  1. You must be joking! ALL of the toys are the same as all of the toys that we have already bought for our daughter – just a different colour! We didn’t want to buy 2 of everything and this is exactly what these ‘new’ toys are; just doubles of everything!

    Luckily for us, my 3 year old daughter is sick of the advert being shown at least once in every add break on Milkshake and she thinks the colours of the original set are better (but daddy, Daddy Pig drives a red car).

    Even the ‘villa’ (which by definition is a single-storey building) is exactly the same as the original house (that’s right, the one that always falls down, not the ‘deluxe’ one).

    Cynical marketing by my books folks. Glad to not be a part of it.

    By the way, much prefer Ben and Holly!


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