Dance, Comic Relief and Team Honk

Dance, Comic Relief and Team Honk
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Anyone who has ever known me will find it as no surprise that I like dancing. It is in fact the thing that helps me get through things. I remember dancing all by myself at 2 years old to the birdie song on the dance floor. Then a love of The Sound of Music whilst my big brother held up my net curtain veil. Throughout my teens it won me many prizes including family holidays. So when I heard that Team Honk wanted us to dance this year to help raise funds for Comic Relief there was no question about it. Next I heard that it was at Wembley and some big names would be there – I was so excited.

It actually got me to thinking about inspirational people/dancers and so I asked:

Past or Present who would you most like to dance with?

  • My Nanna, she was the lift and soul of the party. She was always up on the dance floor and made sure that she’d had a least one dance with all her grandchildren –
  • Johnny (Patrick Swayze) from Dirty Dancing please!!!!! http:///
  • Ohh I really am not a dancer so I’d like to dance with amazing dancers to teach me. Gene Kelly from the past and I’d wear bobby sox to match him, and a gorgeous 50s dress. Ohh and present James Jordan who reminds me of Wolverine (yum) and I’d be in a flapper dress learning the Charleston ttp://
  • Gene Kelly. Or John
  • Fred Astaire and in present day may have a little dance with Ed Sheeran –
  • Dance, Comic Relief and Team HonkFrom the past (sort of!) John Travolta (in his Grease and Saturday Night Fever days!) and from the present, Vincent Simone because I’d love to learn the Argentine tango! –
  • Patrick Swayze but only if he gives this baby her space –
  • Freddie Mercury from the past (more of a strut than a dance!) and Ashley Banjo now –
  • Smoothie Frank Sinatra from the past and I’d love a dance with bad boy Johnnie Depp –
  • I’d like to dance with my husband. The last time we did was at our wedding. Since then he’s always found an excuse to avoid going on to a dance floor with me. Quite sad. I love dancing. –
  • Fearne cotton.Or lady gaga! For the past, Ermm Freddie Mercury –
  • Adam Garcia from the present and Fred Astaire from the past!! –
  • Frank Sinatra. So I can do it my (his) way. The song means a lot to me. And for present. Liv Tyler so I can talk about the films she’s been in. –

I would really have loved to dance with Michael Jackson and he could have taught me some of his moves. He played such a massive part in influencing how I move. Present I would love to dance with Jessie J. I don’t know there’s just something about her, and I think that she would make me feel better about myself (even though I can’t really dance as well as I’d like to and need to remember my inhaler as I am likely to have an asthma attack!)

If you would like to join in then there’s still time. Visit: for more information.

In the meantime I am trying to raise some sponsorship so save up your pennies and watch this comical video of me putting make-up on.

25 thoughts on “Dance, Comic Relief and Team Honk”

  1. I’m really upset I can’t take part with Team Honk again this year but it is too close to my due date and I think it might bring on labour! I’m with Mummy Mishaps – Johnny everytime!

  2. Brilliant that you are all going to raise money with a danceathon. I love dancing, especially having my own kitchen disco and footloose and dirty dancing all the way! x

  3. I love the idea that your Nana was always on the dancefloor, being the life and soul of the party. I hope I still have the energy to boogie on down much (much!) later on in life! I think I’d love to dance from Fred Astaire, I think Pharell Williams could also be good fun. Best of luck!


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