Everyone should have Someone at Christmas

talking to the homeless

Christmas is a time for families to come together, getting excited about buying presents, putting up the Christmas tree and planning the Christmas dinner. But for thousands of young people it is a time filled with loneliness; with an estimated 18,000 young people at risk of homelessness this Christmas. Loneliness during Christmas time for the … Read more

Save the Children Club

Save the Children Club

One of the things we all want for our children is to be happy and safe. What I also want for my boys is to have an understanding of others. That sometimes people are different to us and that is okay. But also that people may be the same as us, they just live in … Read more

Comic Relief – why YOU should help

Comic Relief

Bystander apathy has always been something that has interested me. What is it that makes people ignore those in need? When you clearly can see that you can help someone but decide not to. That is my main inspiration for Comic Relief’s Danceathon. Every single £1 can make a difference and I (and my wonderful … Read more

Dance, Comic Relief and Team Honk

Dance, Comic Relief and Team Honk

Anyone who has ever known me will find it as no surprise that I like dancing. It is in fact the thing that helps me get through things. I remember dancing all by myself at 2 years old to the birdie song on the dance floor. Then a love of The Sound of Music whilst … Read more

The Gift of Sight #SeeTheMiracle

The Gift of Sight #SeeTheMiracle

Sight is such a marvelous thing, think of all the beautiful things we get to see every day. I am going to miss seeing my children when they leave home – but imagine never actually being able to SEE them at all. Or never enjoying the beauty of colour. Sight is so important for daily … Read more

Mr Blobby does Sport Relief

Mr Blobby Sport Relief

Just an ordinary day in Tewkesbury as Mr Blobby takes the children to school! Actually it was a mini practise (school) run, which also aimed to raise awareness of Sport Relief. It was my turn to take part in the  Team Honk Relay. Dressed in a  Mr Blobby costume I was to take the Baton from Sarah in Gotherington … Read more

SavetheChildren #XmasJumperDay

Save the Children #XmasJumperDay

Friday 13th December 2013 Christmas Jumper Day  Did you know that you can make a real difference by just wearing a festive jumper and donating just one pound? As Save the Children is asking people to make the World better with a sweater. This is to help raise money for their life-saving work, which helps the … Read more