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Bystander apathy has always been something that has interested me. What is it that makes people ignore those in need? When you clearly can see that you can help someone but decide not to. That is my main inspiration for Comic Relief’s Danceathon. Every single £1 can make a difference and I (and my wonderful sponsors) are helping to save lives. Also the fact that dancing is a fantastic way to cope with things. My brother died when I was 2 and I am told (and have seen a slide) of me dancing in the middle of a dance floor on my own at a social club. Seeing the Mothers2Mothers ladies dancing and being so happy really reminded me of that. And of course to dance at Wembley (with celebrities) is an experience of a life-time.

Have YOU donated?

Based on the murder of Kitty Genovese (who was seen being killed over a period of time and not helped), Latané and Darley (1968) discovered that there are different variables as to why people do not help:

Is it an Emergency? Does the emergency involve a threat or harm, or actual harm? Is it unusual or rare? What kind of action is required? Can the emergency be predicted? Does it require immediate action?

Whether people act in an emergency? Do you know what is going on in Africa and across the UK? Do you see it as being an emergency? Do you feel any responsibility? Is there a way you can help? Do you know how to help?

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Yes the threat of harm in Africa is real, unfortunately not rare, and we can help with the immediate action needed just by donating. I do feel that we do not appreciate how lucky we are here in the UK, especially with our benefits system. Of course there are still high levels of deprivation in the UK among those who are helped by Comic Relief in the UK .

£2 can help an elderly person, living with dementia in the UK attending a weekly support session

£2.50 can buy a mosquito net, to protect a child in Uganda from contracting life-threatening malaria

£5 could pay for a young person in the UK with a disability to take part in sport.

£10 can buy a school uniform for a street child in Ghana – giving them the education they need to help make #lastingchange

£25 = a sport session for disadvantaged UK young people, keeping them safe & off the streets

£50 could pay for a girl, in a Kenyan slum, to do an apprenticeship + gain vital, life-changing skills and knowledge

£150 = bicycle ambulance to help pregnant women in rural Malawi reach life-saving health service

Bystander Apathy and Comic ReliefThe Degree of responsibility is determined by whether the person deserves help, help competent the person trying to give the help is, and the relationship between the person giving and receiving the help.

I cannot understand why anyone would not be deserving of help, especially children. The more we can empathise with the victim the more we will help – I would hate to think of my children orphaned, living on the streets and fending for themselves.

Diffusion of responsibility

This for me is the problem of group behaviour and why I believe people walk on by without helping – in that it is somebody else’s problem. Or it may be because people do not help when they believe that someone else is better qualified. Believe it doesn’t matter how big or small every bit of difference counts, every campaign, 1p donated, bought a red nose/funny glasses/onesie/t-shirt, social support, danced, baked, and actually going out and physically helping in Africa and across the UK. That these small ripples can make big waves of lasting change.

Comic Relief Join me and many others tomorrow for the RNDDanceathon – 6 hours of non-stop dancing available to see on the red button (Sky Channel 980 and Virgin 991). You can SPONSOR ME too.

12pm – 70’s disco

12.30pm – Swag

1pm – 80s Anthems

1.30pm – Musical Theatre

2pm – 90s Rave

2.30pm – Michael Jackson Moves

3pm – Funk

3.30pm – Diva Dancing

4pm – Bashment

4.30pm – Pop

5pm – Ballroom & Latin Taught by Dancers on Strictly

5.30pm – Sixties Soul

Thank you so much to Microscooters for sponsoring me £150.00 and sending me over my very own Scooter for helping to train ready for the big day.


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