Road Safety Week 18-24 November 2013 #MotivationalMonday

Road Safety Week November 2013

When I was younger I always remember the assemblies where we were reminded about the Green Cross Code – and there was the video with the hedgehog crossing the road – do they still do that? It was an important issue for me as my brother was hit by a car when he was 6 years old and consequently died. There was then a protest and a zebra crossing put in place. This was well over 30 years ago and parents today still have the same worries about their children safely getting to school.

Save lives not time

I don’t do well with loss, in any form, but especially when it is sudden and unexpected. So many unanswered questions and so many things just not making sense. Blaming myself, and wondering if there was anything I could have done differently, or that I could change so it doesn’t happen again in the future. This is why I fully support Road Safety Week, which falls over what should have been my brother’s birthday. He was allowed to cross the road on his own at aged 6, when he was tragically hit by a car and died. Please let’s help us to try to prevent this from happening to another child.

Boy died aged 6 in road traffic accident
My brother would have been 39 on November 21st but he was hit and killed by a car in 1981

Our own local lollipop lady has gone, and whilst we wait for a new one children have been left to cross the road alone. Always walk with under eights, holding their hands or get them to hold onto the pushchair. If they run off put them on reins.   If you are taking the children out in the dark make sure you are visible – high vis jackets, torches and lights on bicycles. If you must cross in the dark then do it under street lamps.

 It has become a realisation that our son has never had to learn to cross the road, as we used to talk him to school in the car. It is since teaching our 6 year old (since moving schools) that this has really come to light. Things we take for granted – such as not crossing at a junction or between parked cars (for example). Also, it is worth bearing in mind that children under the age of 10 years old cannot properly judge the speed and distance of a car – so best taught to make sure they cannot see any cars.

Do not cross between parked cars

I have taken a series of shots to show the children that they are not visible between parked cars. Then we planned a safe route to school, discussing how things can change (such as a big van parking and blocking visibility). My younger two children know not to cross without me, and until I confirm that it is safe to cross. That we walk on the pavement, not right on the edge of the kerb. That if there is no pavement we walk right to the edge, facing the traffic, getting back onto a pavement as soon as one becomes available.

Motivational Monday


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25 thoughts on “Road Safety Week 18-24 November 2013 #MotivationalMonday”

  1. So sorry you lost your brother. It must be particularly hard at this time of year. I loved the Green cross man when he came to visit our school. I think it’s one of the best things a child can experience and learn; how to cross a road properly and safely.

  2. I’m so sorry to read that you lost your brother. That must have been devastating for all of you. x
    What a great thing to campaign on this week.
    Don’t forget that the highest pedestrian casualties are actually aged 10-14. They are old enough to be out on their own, yet still really lack sufficient road sense to cross the road carefully.

  3. Oh Joy I didn’t know about your brother, so sorry to read this x

    Kitty has been bringing lots of road safety bits back from school over the past week – it’s really interesting to get down to a childs level and see the road as they do a few times, totally different. It’s really easy when rushing in the morning, and I see this all too often, parents dragging their children across roads quickly between whilst cars are approaching, just so they are not late. Sets such a bad example x

  4. Oh honey – so sorry to hear about your brother – and all you say is 100% true. Roads are so dangerous, and drivers need to be more aware of kids too – particularly around schools. Sometimes the driving and parking near schools amazes me… Hugs xx

  5. Oh Joy 🙁 I understand your questions about suddenly losing someone, it’s so hard to justify in our own heads, people taken so young when they have their lives ahead, I like the photos brings it home how many children can’t be seen even when you think there is a large gap in the cars.

    Big hugs x

  6. Oh my, that is so so sad to hear about your brother. I am pretty relaxed about things, but I do worry about my kids and roads – even just “stumbling/ falling” into them, not necessarily rushing out. What happened to your family is just a nightmare. So sorry to hear about it.

    Big hugs.

  7. I am so sorry to hear about your brother, how very sad for you and your family. Road safety is so important, and was campaigned about in hugely visible ways when we were young- with squirrels and green cross road man, and Charlie says. I dont recall seeing anything like that since I was a parent? Or maybe I just tuned it out! Will share your post, such an important message.

  8. A loss no one should have to suffer. Our school is terrible with no playground and openning onto a road. Children have been hit and far too many near misses as they cross to the village green the other side of the road. No one has yet died at our school but it is a disaster waiting to happen. A great motivational reminder post

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your brother Joy, what a terrible loss. I am grateful to the school’s that my two have attended so far, they have done a good job with road safety awareness. My son to this day will swap hands with me and walk on the inside of the pavement, something that had never even occurred to me. A great post to remind us all of how important road safety is. And a hug for you too x

  10. Oh Joy that’s so sad.I grew up with The Green Cross code too.We don’t see nearly enough on the telly about road safety.My kids do have road safety walks at schol but I don’t feel it’s enough.

  11. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother, you have raised some really important issues in your post. My daughter is only 2 and we carry her across the road, but I’m very aware of how busy our local road is. x

  12. Very Sorry for your loss and thank you for having me on your blog!
    Road safety is so important and as my child is still a toddler I was wandering the other day if they still promote it in schools creasing your post bought back a few memories for me … The hedgehog !
    My Mother was in a terrible road accident when she was a little girl . She has always been very strict with road safety and it is something I will definitely make my girl aware of from a young age.

  13. This has reminded me to teach my eldest who is 7. I take her to school in the car and drop her off so it has never crossed by mind that I should really be teaching her now.

    So sorry to hear about your brother x

  14. I’m so sorry to hear about your brother. Of course that must have been devastating. You’ve really made me think about this. I’m going to go over this with my Jerry and Beth! Though I don;t know how much Bethany will really comprehend!

  15. I am so sorry to hear about your brother. Loss is something that never goes completely away, no matter how many years have past. My thoughts are with you. x
    I absolutely and totally agree with you about road safety, and I see so many people around who take this issue lightly and I it never fails to anger and frustrate me how casually people treat crossing the roads. I am probably too protective, but though I have taught Ron all about road safety, at 8 he still has to hold my hand wen crossing.
    Ever since we discovered Yon’s vision is so bad I have been obsessing about it even more. How do you teach a partially blind child how to cross the road?
    Thank you for talking about this very important subject.

  16. oh my I am so sorry for your loss . This is such a well written and well thought out post and full of good ideas to encourage road safety. We have had a few issues coming out of school with both boys running out onto the carpark, not fully realising the dangers!!
    I did read this earlier in the week on my phone, i have just been very slack at coming over on the laptop. (hugs) xx


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