The Gift of Sight #SeeTheMiracle

Sight is such a marvelous thing, think of all the beautiful things we get to see every day. I am going to miss seeing my children when they leave home – but imagine never actually being able to SEE them at all. Or never enjoying the beauty of colour. Sight is so important for daily living too – think about how hard it is to get around in the dark. I am short-sighted and know that if I haven’t got my glasses on then I can’t even find my way around an unfamiliar place, as I struggle to read the street names. In day-to-day life people think I am being off with them because I do not see them smile or even wave. So I was really sad to hear that my nan-in-law was losing her sight. It started with her needing bigger text, not being able to do her favourite jigsaw. Eventually it was all blurry and people were just outlines. She told me that she only recognised me by the sound of my voice. Luckily she had a cataract operation and it’s like a whole new world for her – she can see us again, and it’s making her life much easier to manage once again.

The Gift of Sight #SeeTheMiracle

A Million Miracles #SeeTheMiracle

A cataract is a clouding of the eye’s lens, is the number one cause of blindness in the world. Most of us think of it as something that just affects older people, but in a lot of developing countries it’s a huge problem for children too, and if it’s not caught in time sight loss can be permanent.

A cataract operation only takes about 5 minutes and costs £30 for an adult and £50 for a child. But unfortunately the World is not an equal place. Sightsavers are launching an ambitious major appeal, Million Miracles, to raise £30million in order to deliver 1 million cataract operations in some of the poorest parts of the world. Malawi has just 1 eye surgeon for every 4.25 million people. People like Mr Winesi, who, due to bilateral cataracts, has been totally blind for two years need this operation. He has never seen his grandson Luca, and misses seeing his beautiful wife Namaleta. He can no longer work and provide for his family. In a few months their food stores will run out and they will go hungry as he is unable to work.


Hosted by YouTuber star Doug Armstrong the ‘Million Miracles’ launch event will be an emotional and inspiring journey of Mr Winesi regaining his sight! On 8th October 2014 at 1:30pm (GMT) live from Google+ hangout from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Malawi, Africa,  Mr Winesi will be met before, during and after surgery (there will be gore). Dr Gerald, who is performing the surgery on Mr Winesi, is the only paediatric surgeon in the whole of Malawi. On 9th October at 1.30 (GMT) the bandages will be removed and the miracle of sight can be shared as it can be witnessed Mr Winesi being able to see again for the very first time. He will be able to see his wonderful wife, and hold and see his grandson Luca for the very first time.

How you can help #SeeTheMiracle

  • Do you have any questions or messages of support? – They may be included live on air.
  • Could you donate a miracle – £30 or whatever you can afford.
  • Follow on social media – and share as far and wide as you can #SeeTheMiracle. Sightsavers on TwitterFacebook, Instagram, behind the scenes action Liz Scarff and Fieldcraft
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The Gift of Sight #SeeTheMiracle

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  1. Wonderful post. Thanks so much for your support with this campaign, and the mention of your nan-in-law really makes it personal. Lovely to hear she had her operation. Thanks again! Liz and the Fieldcraft team.


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