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This weekend I attended Blogfest where I learnt that the Good Cause I need to work on is being happier with being myself. I successfully navigated my way around London, and fought my demons of fears of what others think of me – realising that I am not the only one who these issues.I have really become happy with who I am and that I feel I can accept people for who they are, even if they are not like myself. There were so many positive things come from Blogfest that it saddens me to see the amount of attention that has been given to the feminist debate, but it  has really brought to a head my current  feelings on blogging.

Blogfest mumsnet 2013

When I started blogging it felt like a really friendly community. Everyone helped everyone, they tweeted and retweeted posts they like, or if they really liked you because you did it for them. Linkys were something you joined in with to help cement the community and you commented on as many or as little as time allowed for – it was a community everyone was welcome. I don’t know if it is me but it doesn’t feel like that anymore. It is a shame.

Why are we being so against each other when we could just join together and support our good causes, no matter how big or small, whatever we can put in we can all make a difference. I was talking to Tiredmummyoftwo about how I always switch my kettle off at the wall, she said I wouldn’t save a lot in money from that, and I explained it was more about the environment and how every little bit can help play a bit. You don’t need to make massive steps to change the World – but if everyone just made a tiny bit of effort then together we can make a difference.

My Blogfest highlights:

Toby Young

The debate mainly between Stella Creasy MP and Toby Young discussing the line between what should be illegal and classed as online abuse and freedom of speech. I personally feel they made some very good points: Chaired by the utterly brilliant Richard Bacon (thank you most kindly for his book in my goody bag) with such wit. I think that there are too many grey areas online and this is one we need to concentrate on.

Richard Bacon A Series of unrelated events

Thank you to Paul Armstrong (from Digital Orange Consulting) for some fantastic advanced social media tips – ones I shall endeavour to put into practise.

For inspirational talks from Prof Tanya Byron and Dr Sue Black, with mention to should we be putting our children on the internet in our blogs? Do you think we should have their permission? What effect may it have on them in the future? Is it right or fair to give them an online presence before they ever understand what that is? That actually we need to stop taking away technology from children and listen to children and their needs. And a hilarious account from Jon Ronson of when a spambot was used to take his identity on twitter.

Of course catching up with fellow bloggers (sorry there are far too many of you to mention but it was great to see you all) is always fantastic and the bump cards were great – but I know that not all the details were swapped which is such a shame.

Katy Hill Blogfest
Lovely to catch up with fellow blogger Katy Hill.

Helen Lewis excellently chaired the debate on changing the World. If you want inspiration you should really speak to these ladies: Laura Bates (Everyday Sexism) explained about how a week of sexist events caused her to act to help change the way that women were thought of and treated.  Maddie Sinclair tells of the heart-breaking story of how a 14 year old girl Izzy Dix committed suicide as a result of online bullying and trying to get the site closed down.

Izzy Dix Poem

I was really proud to see my friend Mummy Barrow talk of the good work of Team Honk – and echo my above thoughts on how each and every one of us can play a part in helping to change things – no matter how big or small, we all matter. Plus mention of “This is my child” campaign and Tania Tirraoro (Special Needs Jungle) talking of her experiences as a blogger of disabled children.

Of course Blogfest wouldn’t have been the same without the Green beaker making an appearance – and what better time than during “Quick fixes: down and dirty blogging how-tos” ( Jemima Kiss (chair), Jax BluntAnnie Spratt (Mammasaurus), Maggy Woodley (Red Ted Art) and Lisa Myers). For me this session had some of the speakers not seeming to fully agree on how things are – I think this shows that there really are different levels on this. For me the main message here is about community – I’m lucky to be friends with some fantastic bloggers who are always willing to help me if I get stuck in these areas. Note to self though – I aim to try to learn some more coding.

Green beakers Mumsnet Blogfest

I have to admit I missed the start of the controversial feminist blogging session as I was wind surfing with Mark Warner and drinking cocktails. My top tip for a family holiday is just to enjoy it – life is too short. And as for the feminist debate – let’s just say I’m a Mommy blogger with a degree in Psychology who wears a Mooncup – you can make your own mind up about what label you want to give me – as a mother with children with special needs I know that sometimes you need to use whatever label fits best to get the most amount of support at that time.

It was great to end with Jo Brand and drinks. However, as it turns out I do not like Gin.

This is my entry to try to win a Mark Warner holiday

Motivational Monday


I realise we are all busy that is why the linky is up for a week – giving you plenty of time to comment on some of the other entries. We need to build a community spirit and help one another. Ideally one a day would be amazing – but even 3 a week would help motivate someone else. Thank you.

November theme is GOOD CAUSES

It is just a guide and can be to do with crafts, days out, photos, achievements, favourite things – anything.

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33 thoughts on “No matter how big or how small we can all help #Blogfest #MotivationalMonday”

  1. I must have missed something with Mark Warner, how do you go about winning a holiday?

    Thanks for the mention 🙂 I wish I could have run clinics and seen panels but it was good to see you, however briefly.

    • That explains why you are so clever – I did a bit of Philosophy in my final year and had to resort to reading Sophie’s World. Hope you’ve sorted out your entry to the holiday comp. Was great to see you.

  2. I don’t think I went to any of the same sessions as you. My fave part was the the session on making your blog look beautiful. The speaker was lively and captivating.

    To be honest, I don’t think I enjoyed blogfest that much. I loved the hotel I stayed in though! I didn’t like that you only got a choice on three of the sessions. I loved chatting with other bloggers and I loved the goody bags. I got bored in most of the sessions. I was starving after a tiny tiny lunch, things got a bit emotional during the drinks reception and there’s been nothing but negativity on Twitter since.

    I think I will stay home with my gorgeous girls next year. I missed them so much.

    • I met that lady from the beautiful blog in the drinks bit after and she was really nice.
      The food was an issue I eat regularly and properly (to an extent) so it was hard for my body to cope with – never mind with such a long day.
      It was lovely to see you – but then I don’t have to go quite so far to do that.
      It is a shame you feel you wouldn’t want to go again but then again not sure how high up my list i’d put it.

  3. It sounds like you had a great day, I’m sorry that I didn’t get the chance to chat to you properly. I found the day a real confidence booster, that I can walk around a room of different people and find new people to chat to and there were some really positive messages from the sessions. I didn’t come away with a huge notebook full of ideas on how to improve my blog, but I really enjoyed it.

    • I think it would be nice if something was organised where we could all just chat to each other. I’m glad you enjoyed it and yes I have very few notes – glad you remember the positive messages too, I feel that’s the important thing about these events – the motivation/inspiration.

  4. I really enjoyed your summary of the event. I joined blogging relatively late and it still seems friendly to me, but I suppose the bigger any community gets the more likely it will reflect the wider community out there of diverse people and views. I have an MA in English Literature, I bake, iron and clean too., by the way.

  5. Hi, I am a new blogger and I have found that within blogging it seems a friendly, supportive community. However, I think on twitter there seems to be a few views on what bloggers should/ shouldn’t think and what should / shouldn’t be blogged about. This is a shame really – I like reading a whole lot of different blogs and there is plenty of room for everyone. I enjoyed reading your post (and seeing something about blog fest other than the feminist bit!) xxx

  6. It was lovely to meet you properly. I think I ended up in most of the same sessions as you and I too had an amazing day. I found it incredibly inspiring and I feel I got a lot from the day.

  7. It was so nice meeting you at blogfest, even if it was for about thirty seconds 🙂
    I guess the blogging community is like any other community – some people are nicer and more willing to help and some are less so. But the main thing is, to me, that as bloggers we can help make our small change in the world and make it better for our children and for us. And with that, I am so happy to finally have a post I can link to your wonderful linky, hopefully it’s inspiring enough…

  8. Great post. 🙂

    That was the overall message that I came away with as well. How we can all make a difference and how lucky we are to have our online voice.

    I wish we could all really “sit down” together to chat as I learn so much just in coversation to other bloggers. Love learning the different ways we do things.

    I think the great, supportive community is still here with the majority of bloggers.

    It was a shame that the feminism debate overshowed the positives and a lot of it was taken the wrong way.

    I loved my goodybag too!

    Great to see you again, but I wish I’d had more time to chat to you- I think we need to start some “Blogger Park” meet ups and just have a picnic, play and chat with all our kids.



  9. I am so so so gutted to have missed it and not had the chance to catch up with you. I have been sulking a little all weekend. I think you have given a really balanced account of the day and not let the final debate overshadow what seems to have been a great event!

    You have no reason to be nervous, apologise or be anyone other than you! You are fab and I hope Mark Warner holidays see that too 🙂

  10. sounds like the feminist speaker really hit a nerve as everyone is talking about it, im glad to read about the other talks as well though, sounds like it was a great event.

  11. I was nodding all the way through reading this post until I got to the last sentence. YOU DON’T LIKE GIN?! *Gasp*. Great post Joy – and I’m sure it will be helpful for people who weren’t there on Saturday. Makes me remember what a lot was covered on the day and explains why I was so exhausted at the end of it!

  12. Hi there, I dont think we met! I didnt know anybody at all and met some really interesting people. I love your post…my aim in life is to help others. I set my blog up with that aim only and hope I achieve my aim by at least helping a few people. Life is too short to be doing anything other than helping others! Keep up the great work…

  13. Thanks for such a great summary of the day for those of us who weren’t there! It does seem to have had it’s moments… 🙂 Sorry I didn’t manage to get round any posts yesterday, will be back for a read later today!
    PS. I’m a Chartered Engineer who likes crafts and baking… Not sure what that makes me 🙂

  14. Great post – really interesting to hear about blogfest, i’ve not been blogging long but hopefully i will go next time if i am still around!
    It was also really interesting to hear your opinions on the blogging community and how it’s changed. I have ‘met’ some great people through this but also struggled a little with some who are very me, me, me!

  15. Hi Joy, sorry, I’m a bit behind! Great blog post and thanks so much for helping us to spread our #LoveForIzzyDix anti-bullying campaign message. Thanks for including her heartbreaking poem. Maddie xoxo


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