Real Life – The Boys are Growing up

When Children Grow too Quickly

I am aware that I do not make time to write about my children as often as I used to (I am too busy enjoying them and keeping it all to myself). But I NEED to share about how quickly this time is disappearing. I started this blog as a way of making sure I spent that time with my kids. Making craft things and getting dirty when I might not otherwise find the time. Funny how it has evolved so that actually I am just spending that time with them more and more and not ever finding time to blog about it – the blogging part is no longer important. Of course I am proud of them. Of course I like them needing me less more and more. But it is scary and HARD. I am not worried about what to do when I am not needed. I will ALWAYS be needed. Losing my own mom I know that only too well.

Where are my boys now

I will start bottom up – because that’s probably the easiest:

The Sensory Seeker – he is so happy, and growing and developing better than we could have ever imagined. He is coping with changes easier, talking better, and well just getting on with life so well. You can keep up with his progress on my other blog The Sensory Seeker where I hope that sharing his journey will help others and give us something to look back on his progress.

the sensory seeker

My 7 year old – He is like a sponge with a straw. He is always wanting more. He has been learning to use my camera. He is so thoughtful and kind – he will go far. I need to spend more time with him, nurturing him as he does not believe how amazing he is. We recently had a lovely overnight stay in London just the two of us and it reminded me just how amazing he is. We have another trip this weekend (just us) and I hope that is just as special.


My Tween – omg he is leaving the country without me!!! This is actually the first of my children to do this. He is going with the school and I admit a tear fell from my eye when the school said he would be walking around the market in a foreign country in groups (with no teachers!!!!). I am sure he will be fine and he has picked up this new language so well. I am proud of the friend he has become and how easily he has adapted in a school where this time last year he did not know any of them.

My adult son – for that is truly what he is now. Having just completed his last A-level exam he has officially left school for good. Now planning to go off to University and move out of home. Is he ready? Am I? He wants to go as normally as possible and not rely on telling people he has Aspergers. He has come on so well that I often resort back to blaming myself for any of his difficulties and telling myself he was misdiagnosed. I am so proud and yet so scared all the same time. I am sure it would be just the same for any first-born but this somehow just feels all the more scary. Tonight he is off at his Prom – sorted his suit and shoes all himself too.


So as you can see my boys are growing very quickly. Thank you if you come and read my blog to see how they are but please appreciate that a lot is no longer typed up. You can find us on instagram lots more too.

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