Hotter Shoes Cheltenham Autumn and Winter

I think it is really important to support local businesses. This extends to branches as well as locally produced because at the end of the day they give employment to local people (who may not even be able to travel elsewhere). So me and a bunch of other local bloggers have come together to support Gloucestershire (and the surrounding area). We aim to help with anyone/thing local including shops, attractions, restaurants and other local businesses. We will write reviews, share on social media and most importantly talk to other local people about our experiences. As these people are likely to be friends, family, and people we see on a regular basis then our opinions will be trusted more than that of a stranger, and most definitely than an advert they may see on the television (or elsewhere).

Hotter Shoes Cheltenham Autumn and Winter

Hotter Shoes Cheltenham Branch

We were welcomed to Hotter Shoes’ Cheltenham Branch to be introduced to the Brand (for those unfamiliar) and to see what their Autumn/Winter 2015 range had to offer. Hotter Shoes in Cheltenham is easy to find at the Promenade (just up the road from Boots corner). This is easy to get to on public transport as well as for those who are driving to Cheltenham. There is a very clear window display so you can get a flavour of the shoes before you enter the store. Once inside you will receive fantastic customer service – honestly I tried on like a gazillion pairs of shoes and boots and not once did the assistant get inpatient.

Why Chose Hotter Shoes

Hotter not only have fantastic customer service but they pride themselves on having comfortable footwear – with #comfortconcept features in every pair including wiggle room for toes, air bubbles in the soles, cushioning, flexibility and lightness. You cannot buy Hotter Shoes without a fitting – so you know you will leave with the right pair for your feet. Plus they are right on trend, taking inspiration from catwalk trends, meaning that your clothes will fit perfectly with your choice of footwear.

Hotter Shoes Cheltenham Autumn and Winter

There is such a range that there’s something for everyone (ladies footwear sizes 3-9, with some extra fit options available) with bags (to match shoes too!), and now a scarf as well. Choose from Animal Instincts, Mannish Flats, Dealer Boots, Riding Boots, Classic Tote, Pretty Penny, Classic Knee, Short Biker Boots, Long Biker Boots, Zippy Detail, Boxy Bags, Autumn Hues, Hint of Sparkle, Mary Jane Makeover, Happy Shiny Things and The 70s Swing.

Why I like Hotter Shoes

Last year I went for the Danielle in Plum. I wanted a bit more colour in my shoes and had a Hotter moment as soon as I put them on. They were so comfortable and I just felt like dancing in them. This year I went for the Nicola Heels in Navy. These I felt would easily go with any of my Autumn/Winter outfits even when on the school run, but that the 2 ½ inch heel would give me a bit more glamour. Then I could wear them on a night out – whether that be a meal with my husband or out dancing with the girls. From previous experience of Hotter I knew that I wouldn’t end up having to take them off at the end of the night.

Hotter Shoes Cheltenham Autumn and Winter Nicola Heels

Thank you to Hotter Cheltenham for their excellent service and hospitality. My Nicola Heels have already had compliments in the playground and I am looking forward to wearing them on an evening out.

Hotter Shoes Cheltenham: 58 Promenade, Cheltenham GL50 1LY
01242 235217

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I received a pair of Nicola Heels in order to review them. All words and opinions are my own.


14 thoughts on “Hotter Shoes Cheltenham Autumn and Winter”

  1. Your heels look lovely and so comfy. Since I’m off to the docs later with foot pain I really should invest in some super comfy shoes like these!

  2. Great choice they look really stylish and comfy. I love Hotter shoes and they have some great colours out this season. I introduced my hubbie to them last weekend and he is now converted! x


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