Xeno Koopies Review

Following on from the hugely successful Xeno comes Xeno Koopies. These loveable but cheeky monsters are smaller than the original Xeno (10L X 10W X 11.5H cm) and with a lower price point of £39.99. Suitable for boys and girls ages 4 and over, each one comes with one Xeno Koopies and an instruction sheet.

Xeno Koopies Review

Xeno Koopies are very tactile with soft skin, have 6 interactive touch sensors on their bodies, over 70 different sounds and glow in the dark, wobbling eyes. They are available in a variety of colours including orange, purple and green. The Xeno Koopies do not have snot hanging from their noses like Xeno and are more ball shaped – making them easier to hold. They do have quite fierce looking teeth – but they are set on the edges of the mouth so not to scare children when putting their finger in the mouth to feed them. However, do be careful to not to catch the nose which is quite sharp). The circles inside the eyes give Xeno Koopies a hypnotic feel as he shakes.

Xeno Koopies are great fun you can roll them on the floor, poke, shake, rattle, dances, bounce them from one hand to another, squeeze them, and stretch them! You can tug at the skin and easy without your Xeno Koopie breaking – great for those who are Tactile Sensory Seekers. They interact with yourself, Xeno and other Xeno Koopies – as well as the free app which you can download to play additional games and explore Xeno Koopies world. Xeno Koopies are sensitive monsters and may love or loathe your music (just like our original Xeno cried to Justin Bieber’s music!). I did not find any music that the Xeno Koopie did not like, it just danced and sung to them all! They don’t like loud sudden noise – so do not shout or they will get scared. Xeno Koopies love to eat and may result in them burping and parping!

Xeno Koopies Review

I think Xeno Koopies are going to be popular this Christmas. They spend a lot of time spinning around, and making noises. The sensors are easy to locate being a slightly different shade and are simple to use.  I think they are fun without being too disgusting. The smaller size also makes them easier to store.

Requires 3 x AAA batteries – which are not included. Not suitable for those under 3 years old.

Available at Smyths Toy Store for £34.99

Argos £39.99


I was sent a Xeno Koopies for free in order to review it. All words are honest and my own.

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  1. Oh I the one with the snot really put me off..I think my youngest two would like them now they look more appealing as they look very similar to The Gruffalo.


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