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Crikey! Brand new Danger Mouse is on CBBC! With a ratings triumph among boys ages 4-9 years and now the on screen fun and humour can be experienced off-screen with Jazwares new range of Danger Mouse Toys.

 With over 3.6 million viewers in its first six weeks on CBBC, the all-new TV series of Danger Mouse the international secret agent, on-screen success can be replicated with Jazwares’ Danger Mouse toy range – which is as exciting and action-packed as the series itself!

The Danger Mouse Toys Jazwares Range

  • There is a fully articulated 10” Danger Mouse figure (RRP £19.99) that comes complete with a removable jet pack and 5 authentic show sayings.
  • Danger Mouse’s Mark IV Danger Car (RRP £14.99) – Allowing Danger Mouse to travel ‘wherever there is danger’– featuring pop-out wings, functioning boot and exclusive 3” figure. This was awarded the Toy Fair Best New Toy 2016 in the Action Toys category.Danger Mouse Toys Jazwares
  • An outstanding selection of plush toys, including Baron Greenback, Penfold and Danger Mouse himself, will be available with or without individual character phrases (RRP £7.99).
  • Role-play items such as DM’s gadget of choice when faced with monstrous monstrosities – The Shrinkatiser (RRP £14.99), the Danger Mouse Headquarters playset.
  • A range of collectible 3” figures (RRP £7.99) including Danger Mouse, Penfold, Baron Greenback, Colonel K and Stiletto, each one armed with its own accessory and perfect for re-enacting favourite storylines and episodes!

Danger Mouse 3” Figures

There are 6 Danger Mouse 3” Figures to collect – Jet Board Danger Mouse, Commander-In-Chief Colonel K, Baron Greenback & Nero, Undercover Stiletto, Zip-Line Danger Mouse and Launch & Fly Penfold. Suitable for children ages 4 and over.

Zip-Line Danger Mouse Review

It made sense that we reviewed one of the Danger Mouse toys – given that he is the star of the show. This articulated DM is wearing his iconic costume and eye patch with a working zip-line for death defying excitement. The packaging was minimal and easy to open. The zip line is wrapped in a yellow circle with a DM label on it – this means that it can be put away without getting in a knot. Danger Mouse himself is rather flexible with joints in the arms (and hands) and legs (and feet). Be careful that they don’t fall off though – but they are easy to pop back together. The zip-line is effective and can be used anywhere you can attach it to. It would have been useful if something was provided to do this but the hooks made it easy to attach to things.
Danger Mouse Toys Jazwares

£9.99 Toys R Us

Launch & Fly Penfold Review

The great thing about Danger Mouse coming back for my children is that I already know the characters, and the loveable Penfold just has to be my favourite. Penfold is an unlikely hero but he is a good friend, always by Danger Mouse’s side – and I can relate to that. Now you can launch Penfold by pushing him down on the launch pad, and thanks to his special boots Penfold will fly into orbit. I liked the accurate detail of Penfold on the figure – and it really looks like he is saying Oh, Crumbs! Penfold can bend at the waist – making it really look like he is jumping. I also loved the detail of the little rockets on his boots. Unfortunately for me I wasn’t impressed with the “launch” it felt more like a bounce and fall. The instructions says to push Penfold down but I found more success by pressing down on the launcher. But it still is  great Penfold figure.Danger Mouse Toys Jazwares

£7.99 Smyths

£9.99 Toys R Us  available in a good toy retailers.

I received the 2 Danger Mouse 3” figures for purposes of review. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

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