All the Information You Need for Your Child’s Education

We all want what is best for our children and most importantly that they are happy. Their school years are some of the most important in their life – so it is best that they go somewhere that is fulfilling and rewarding as can be. Choosing the right establishment for that experience to occur is essential to get right: Parents* may want to be empowered with the knowledge that they have done all they can to make the child’s journey as smooth as possible. Everyone knows that visits do not really show what a real day is like, and prospectuses also have a positive spin on things so it is best to seek opinions from friends and family or even online. Next comes needing advice on possible entry exams and school uniform – then keeping up and what options are available post 16 and for University. A great place for all of this information is the School Reviewer website.  All the Information You Need for Your Child's Education (and more)School Reviewer Website

Choosing the Right School for your Child/ren

If your child is starting school, changing schools (moving up or new to an area) then the The School Reviewer Website can help you select a new school with statistics and knowledge about almost every UK school. This includes information on their catchment areas (with a representative heat map) and many with academic data and OFSTED/ISI report. Plus there are school forums which allow parents to be in touch with other parents whose children are at those schools. Or parents can Read or Write a Review about their child/ren’s school(s).

Help with Exams

Whether it is helping your child pass the 11+, SATs or GCSE Maths School Reviewer is the only site with walk through question by question downloadable videos: Showing how an A+ grade can be scored on all papers and how to avoid common mistakes. Each individual question has its own video – making them convenient to use and easier to hold the child’s attention. The material is current and accurate, using up to date methods taught in the classroom. The videos are downloadable at minimal cost, just to cover filming/animation expenses and to help create new content. Two bespoke SATs papers (for Y6) are available to download for FREE – giving parents an insight into the papers and helping children familiarise themselves with the format. Two bespoke 11+ papers will be available to download for a minimal cost.

School Reviewer also offers the service to find a local Tutor – and it is the only site which allows tutors to advertise for FREE. School Reviewer aims to have the largest Tutor Database in the UK, giving parents the option to find the right Tutor locally or online for every subject.All the Information You Need for Your Child's Education (and more)

School Uniform

School Uniform can be such a costly expense, and sometimes just plain difficult to track down the right kit. The School Reviewer Website has a FREE buy/sell feature with zero commission which will act as a medium for people to advertise and buy goods communicating securely via a central hub to arrange the transaction details including method of delivery and cost. The great thing about this is specific to that particular school, meaning it is easier to find and reach the right people. Plus you can arrange collection at the school or via your child – convenient and also reducing costs on postage and packaging.

Information for Parents

Plus there is information for parents on current issues – such as Back to School Tips, Preparing for the First Day of School, and the School Reviewer’s Parents’ Guide to Social Media.

School Reviewer are on Twitter and Facebook as @schoolreviewer

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* I have used the term “Parents” to refer to all Parents, Carers and Guardians.


This is a collaborative post – opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. The school uniform function and local tutor picker looks useful. I don’t have children yet but I’ll keep it in mind for when I do as I bet it’s very useful.


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