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I have to admit that my children are very lucky in that they do not miss out on holidays. We try to vary them and make sure that they get the most out of them. Having been to Disneyland Paris three times now we are starting to be able to explore more of France without the children just wanting to go back. We went to the Loire Valley last year but spent so much time deciding what to do and where to go – and by the time we arrived things were shut. We just didn’t seem to find the time to plan beforehand and that’s why this time I am glad to have discovered Momaboard.Paris MomaboardMomaboard is the family trip planner that can tailor your trip to your exact needs – including budget and, not only the ages of the people in your party, but their interests and likes too.  Each Mombassador is from the local area – thus providing with the best tips and advice on accommodation, restaurants, transport, age-appropriate activities, medical advice including where the nearest doctors and online pharmacy and hospitals are, money saving and discount tips and much more. The itineraries are also based on the date you are planning your trip which means that they can be planned around seasonal events and attractions too.

Momaboard Paris Itinerary Sample Review

Begin as my children really want to go back to France I thought I would take a look at a sample of a Momaboard Paris Itinerary. I love the personal touch but most of all I was impressed with the detail – leaving nothing unthought-of. Including how to get about on public transport, costs and how long things would take. With eating factored in and why each attraction would be of interest to different members of the party. Each day is very detailed including maps, websites and full addresses of attractions – with the most effective use of time by planning places near to one another. You can clearly see that a mom has built this putting in all the little touches I would put in myself that I would want to know about if I had time to plan it myself. Not only can the Mombassador suggest where to go but also where not to go – this is really important to my family with children with additional needs. This may include informing us of when an attraction may be too busy and a better time to suit our son’s sensory needs.Momaboard Paris

Momaboard Costs

A custom travel itinerary starts at just £35 and travel lists £10 – with 20% off using the Code “AUTUMN.” I think this is a great price, especially considering that if you are on a tight budget then the Mombassador can point you in the right direction for money saving tips on attractions and food for example. PLUS Momaboard offers a 100% moneyback guarantee if you are not happy with your itinerary.Momaboard Paris


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