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I have been struggling with my dream of running a Marathon by the time I am forty, as I just seem to be tired all the time. I don’t think that I was eating enough and therefore was glad to hear from Sun-Pat Peanut butter. They sent me some samples which have helped me raise my energy levels enough to get the exercise I require to keep on running.peanut butter balanced diet

When it comes to Peanut butter there’s only one question – smooth or crunchy? We are a crunchy family and could gladly just eat it straight from the jar! It is great to know that Sun-Pat Peanut butter is a natural source of protein, naturally high in fibre and naturally maintains energy (the natural levels of Niacin and Phosphorus contribute to normal energy-yielding metabolism, as part of a healthy lifestyle with a varied and balanced diet). Plus it is also available with No Added Sugar.

I can enjoy it on toast for breakfast, with vegetable as a snack, have it with jam on a sandwich or even make a smoothie to wash it all down with. In fact Sun-Pat have a whole heap of recipes for all times of day for both smooth and crunchy lovers. As we were sent some sample jars I am looking forward to being more adventurous and trying the Chicken with Sun-Pat Satay Sauce which sounds so quick and easy to make. It is National Sandwich Day so I may be tempted to try it on a bacon sandwich! I love how it can be utilised to make granola bars and protein balls; and don’t even get me started on the desserts section! Mind I guess the more I eat the more I am motivated to run – and with a Marathon in sight that’s a lot of running!Peanut butter jam sandwich

Research shows that 4 out of 5 people with an active childhood achieved their dreams – that is one of the reasons we want to make being active a normal part of our children’s lives and so we take them to Parkrun Junior and regular swimming lessons – as well as having a 14ft trampoline in our garden for them to bounce on. If you are struggling to get into running you should read my tips for how I started.

The boys currently dream of being a game designer, an accountant, a police officer and a fireman – the latter two will especially need to keep the energies up! Sun-Pat along with Olympic hero Adam Peaty and presenter Helen Skelton have launched the Fuel Your Dreams Campaign with two winners being able to live their dreams for a day and is open until the 16th November 2016. Eight runner-up will receive prizes of a year’s supply of delicious Sun-Pat Peanut Butter and a £1,000 donation to a local group of their choice – to ensure our future stars are prepared to achieve their own dreams.crunchy peanut butter

To enter there’s a simple form which needs an explanation of what you have always dreamed of doing – and there is an option to share a photograph to support the entry. Alternatively enter via Sun-Pat’s social media pages (on Facebook comment on the pinned post and on Twitter or Instagram include #SunPatDreams).


Sun-Pat Peanut butter is available in 227g, 340g, 454g, 600g & 700g jars.


This post is in collaboration with Sun-Pat Peanut Butter.

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