Egyptian Ideas for Kids

Homework can be such a chore for parents and children alike depending on what is expected of them. That is why I love the idea that my boys get to pick a few topics from a list which allow them to focus on their strengths and likes – whilst allowing them to be creative.

The LEGO Pyramid

Our 9 year old son is more than able of doing things by himself too and likes to challenge himself. He is really loving his topic of Egyptians and decided to not only build a LEGO Pyramid but he also made a design inside which allowed him to play with it too! Luckily we have SO much LEGO that we also had a LEGO piece with hieroglyphics (the formal writing system used by Ancient Egypt) and a Mummy (a method of artificial preservation). lego pyramid

He knew how to build a pyramid out of LEGO as it was one of the challenges when we stayed at the LEGOLAND Hotel in Windsor. I like how he pushed himself further to do something a bit more creative. He also used this as an opportunity to have some one-on-one time together with his dad (which was really lovely). As they sorted through piles of LEGO looking for yellow bricks and together.

The Egyptian Cake

Next he decided that cake was in order! He loves nothing more than getting in the kitchen – I guess that’s because I started him off at a young age (starting with making jelly and then cakes). I am hopeless at making anything bigger than a fairy cake but he managed to do a big round circle cake. Then (again with the help of his dad), they cut out the Eye of Horus (an Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health) and iced over where it had been cut out. I am sure his friends enjoyed sharing his “homework” either way. His thirteen year old older brother helped him with the cooking part – and he is extremely good at cooking!Eye of Horus cake

Have you seen any other good Egyptian ideas that my son could try please?

You can find some other Egyptian ideas for Children I found over on mt Create with Kids Board on Pinterest.

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