Half Marathon Training Week 3 – The Mind

Welcome to my week 3 log of how my Half Marathon Training is going. Thank you for your support it means a lot – as you will see as I talk about how I have been concentrating on The Mind in my training this week. I truly believe that the only thing stopping anyone fit and healthy enough from running a half marathon is their mind. If they tell themselves they can’t do it for x, y or z reason. Yes it may take time, patience, determination and hard work but I think that we can all get there if we try. With this belief in mind I have spent some time this week in strengthening my mind to help me finish the half marathon.the body achieves what the mind believes

Helping to Convince the Mind to Run a Half Marathon

I think the main thing is to break things down into SMART goals – that is Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic and Timely. Thinking about how I will measure my successes and over what period of time. Keeping a journal and a log of the goals and measurements helps to keep focus on those small steps and the end goal, as well as showing how the progression is made. For me it is weekly in these updates, plus apparently telling people helps me eliminate the option not to do it (especially if I make the step so small that I would feel silly to not at least try). But I also need to remember that no-one is perfect and to forgive myself for any mistakes, picking myself up with the commitment to do better in the future. Regularly attending running club also helps keep me accountable plus I am getting to know the stories behind the other remarkable runners (for example check out Claire Ashmore’s blog who is diagnosed with Leukaemia (CML)).  The other thing I need to do is to remove any distractions that prevent me from reaching my goals. The fact that I have a race in mind, which I have already paid for – apparently stands me in good stead – so am winning there already!

Keeping up Will Power to Help Run a Half Marathon

I have discovered the wonders of the Podcast. These are not only a great distraction when out running (meaning you don’t notice what others are doing, how much time you have being running and most importantly that voice in your head saying you can’t do it) – but also there are some great podcasts on running and motivation! I have heard about the five minute rule technique – where you tell yourself you will just do something for five minutes to get you started, or for five minutes more. This doesn’t have to be five minutes it could be until you reach the next street, km, mile – or water station! That people usually have more will power in the mornings than the evenings when we feel mentally fatigued from the day. Taking short mental breaks and/or mediating will help build grey matter on emotions (can you tell those were words in a podcast!) – what it means is taking time to build myself up and tell myself YES I am that person who can run in the rain, find no excuses, make it until the end! Think through any concerns and find answers. Apparently visualising the route and any problems that can come up so that the brain is ready for them come race day! (Although I don’t like to think of it as a race as it does not matter what position I cross the line – and I WILL cross that line!

What have I been doing for Week 3 of my Half Marathon Training?

So yes I have been listening to Podcasts and the Paul McKenna mind-programming CD to help me get control of sugar (plus reading the book – which I paid for incidentally and this is not a promo at all!) I am pleased to report that despite a difficult anniversary (which we tend to have a Chinese for), and the temptation of the Chinese New Year, I have not consumed any takeout or food in restaurants this week. I have been snacking on carrots, eating a lot less in-between meals in general and even had a one-scoop bowl of ice-cream on Sunday without even needing to tell myself that I did not have to have more because it isn’t good for me.

I have actually spent a large chunk of the week blowing my nose and sleeping. But I have still managed to get some walking in; did 5 miles at running club; Parkrun (even though we were late); using my Microscooter on the school run (although I cannot seem to switch legs!); an hour of trampolining with my family; Yin Yoga (search on YouTube there’s some great videos) and yesterday I ran 6 miles. I think I met all of my goals last week – plus I won the Workweek Hustle and my friend started a Facebook group with all the local fitness clubs in – so I have no excuses not to find something.

Goals for Half Marathon Training Week 4

I guess I must be about heading for a more restful week (ironically seeing as I slept so much last week!) so I am starting with a visit to my Wellness Consultant. I want to work on my flexibility and stretching more, as well as meditating. I will of course go to running club and do Parkrun – and I aim to try to fit in at least another run this week. Of course I am going to continue with getting sugar under control. These are not very good SMART targets – so I guess I need to work on thinking about how I go about forming some.

Have you been getting fit and healthy this week? Do you have anything you want to share or advice you can give me please?

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