Christmas Gifts for Men

When it comes to shopping for men at Christmas it isn’t easy. Men generally have it all already and if they don’t it is probably because they just do not want it. Either that or it is completely out of the budget! So with that in mind, and my experience of 5 males in my immediate family, I have written up a little guide of Christmas Gifts for Men.

Getting Men Clothes for Christmas

Whether they like it or not men will always need clothes – which are great for bulking out that present pile! Yes they may not appreciate you getting them a novelty Christmas jumper but you cannot go wrong with a new shirt for work! (unless of course they never wear shirts ever). You can even go a bit further and get one presented in a nice box with a tie! If you did still want to give them the novelty factor then maybe opt for something that not everyone gets to see – like their underwear. Speaking of which how about some nice thermals to keep the warm – great for either sleeping in or looking cool because they don’t need to wear a jumper!Men Clothes for Christmas

You need to stop and think about the individual male (well just like you would anyone and think about their interests (and age – mentally). I mean they may love Pokemon clothes in their University Years but not really want a Dungeons and Dragons T-shirt in their thirties (sorry husband). But something like a running jacket could come in very handy in the cold weather though!running coat

The above Featured Men’s clothing is from Jacamo

Tech Gifts for Men

Of course Tech is a good option for men – as long as you get it right and know exactly what it is they are after. You might want to opt for a voucher otherwise! This can range from a new games console, a headset to a new television, smart watch, smart phone, sat nav, dash cam – the list is positively endless.Playstation bringing people together

Experiences and Holidays as Gifts for Men this Christmas

I think that the gift on an experience is a great idea – especially if you have a man who wants a super-car for example but it is completely off budget. As well as driving experiences there are flying experiences, murder mystery tours, brewery experiences, paintballing, Zombie days and so on.iescape gift vouchers image

Maybe they would like a holiday – either for adventure or relaxation. Somewhere hot or just a City Break. You can take the stress out of it all by buying them i-escape gift vouchers which can be purchased online. The best thing is others can also add to them, or the recipient themselves can pay the difference as well as deciding where they go – making sure that they get exactly what they want!

Novelty Gifts, Toys and Games for Men

You must have seen them there are plenty out there – Beard Baubles, Poo warning signs, Puzzle games, face mats and so on. Then of course there are toys: LEGO is also a firm favourite here; drones, cars and the like. And games – board (can you really have too many different editions of Monopoly) and computer (although in my experience they can’t wait until Christmas and have to buy them as soon as they come out!)LEGO Fans at Brick Live 2016 at Birmingham NEC

Other Stocking Filler Gift Ideas for Men

Of course then there’s books, toiletries, food (may be some cheese! Or possibly some sweets/chocolates) and maybe even drink (beer/larger/whiskey, etc). Practical items such as pens and how about an “I love my wife” car air freshener?!

So now you have no excuses for getting your man a full sack!

Do you have any ideas/suggestions of anything else?


I received gifts from Jacamo 

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  1. Men really are difficult to buy for, so I don’t you having more males to buy for than me! I think it’s definitely about balance – something from each of your categories (or at least some of your categories!) is the way forward. My son always buys games as soon as they come out too!


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