Activity Week 1 and Kelston 10K 2018

Hands up I did plan to run every day in January for Red, but I think that he already become be active every day because I have really struggled to commit to it. By the time I had written my Motivation post I had already made the change and to be honest I do think it is more realistic for me seeing as I am also trying to challenge myself more. In fact the day after the Kelston 10K I was surprised I could even walk never mind attempt a run – and so I don’t think it would have done my body any good!red january

 My Activity for the First Week in January

Anyone who knows me will know that getting stinking drunk the night before isn’t generally a reason not to run. Stupidly I had ended up drinking on an empty stomach New Year’s Eve and so wasn’t feeling it New Year’s Day. My husband told me just to do double on the second but there was no way I was going to start the New Year with an excuse. So off I went attempting to just run a mile. Bu half a mile my stomach was having none of it! I carried on with a mix of walking and running until I reached one and half miles before literally going straight to the toilet! (sorry tmi but I am telling you do not go running after drinking too much on an empty stomach the night before!!!)

Monday 1st January

Hungover Run:

  • 1.53 miles
  • Time: 18 minutes 49 seconds
  • Average Pace: 12 mins 16 seconds minute/mile
  • Best Pace: 7 mins 55 seconds minute/mile

Daily Steps: 8,741

Total Calories: 2,268

Total Distance: 4.5 miles

Tuesday 2nd January

Club Run:

  • 4.8 miles
  • Time: 50 minutes  58 seconds
  • Average Pace: 10 mins 37 seconds minute/mile
  • Best Pace: 8 mins 39 seconds minute/mile

Daily Steps: 15,975

Total Calories: 2,483

Total Distance: 7.9 miles

muddy trainers

If you had nice new trainers for Christmas then trail running might not be your first choice of race

Wednesday 3rd January

Daily Steps: 12,147

Total Calories: 2,152

Total Distance: 5.5 milescomparison is the thief of joy on ice

Thursday 4th January

Quick Run:

  • 1.5 miles
  • Time: 15 minutes
  • Average Pace: 10 mins minute/mile
  • Best Pace: 8 mins 39 seconds minute/mile

Daily Steps: 9,770 (I think I had planned to run at night but the whole back to school thing just wiped me out!)

Total Calories: 2,080

Total Distance: 4.7 milesrunners waiting at the start of a race

Friday 5th January

Daily Steps: 11,541

Total Calories:  2,071 (note that this is less than calories burnt for yesterday despite the fact I had taken more steps. This is probably because these were walking between pubs steps so a lot slower!)

Total Distance: 5.3 miles

Saturday 6th January

Park Run was cancelled due to flooding (and we hadn’t had a lot of sleep because I got in at 3am, then husband’s Nan’s smoke alarm kept going off so she rang in the night for us to turn it off for her).

Daily Steps: 12,623

Total Calories: 1,904 (again after drinking these steps taken wouldn’t have been very quick)

Total Distance: 5.7 miles

runners and a hill

This is not a hill: It is just flat land on a bit of an angle

Sunday 7th January

Kelston 10K Run:

  • 6.6 miles
  • Time: 1 hour 23 minutes (according to my Garmin which kept pausing as I slowed to go down the hilly rocks, official time was 1 hour 26 minutes and twenty-one point four seconds.
  • Average Pace: 12 mins 34 seconds minute/mile
  • Best Pace: 7 mins 04 seconds minute/mile
  • Elev Gain: 786 ft
  • Burning 981 Calories

Daily Steps: 19,345

Total Calories: 3,419

Total Distance: 9.3 miles

lady runner flying feet and smiling

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Kelston 10K 2018

I thought it was a good idea to set myself a 10K race a month to keep me motivated without having to push myself too much. I was looking at local (or so I thought) races and came across Kelston 10K which was described as hilly and undulating. To be honest I didn’t know what the latter meant but I knew that I HATE hills and am no good at them. So of course this was the perfect way to start my New Year – pushing myself, and everyone knows that hills are good for you – right?

I first really saw what I set myself up for when I was looking on Social Media the night before – instead of seeing keen people ready for the next day I saw last year’s runners (who didn’t seem to be repeating the experience lol). I also discovered that it wasn’t quite as close as I thought (over an hour’s drive away), mean we had to get up early to get there before registration. Then at registration people were talking about the “hill” and that actually only the elite run it! Well I thought at least I can take my time. I joked along with others that as long as I did it in an hour and a half (the last 10K I ran I did on my own took me in 56 minutes and 51 seconds).view at start of kelston 10k

We went out in waves and I was in the last before one. I am glad as some of it was very narrow and you could only go at the speed of the person in front – so I would hate to have slowed anyone down. It was all rather friendly, well laid out/sign posted with plenty of very good and supportive marshals (and a tail runner who I was pleased not to see!). Not to mention the humour of things like Billy the Bull being in the first field with us!

As we went up the first incline there was a sign saying that it wasn’t a hill it was a flat on an angle. Funny as it seemed at the time it wasn’t wrong because compared to the rest of the uphill it was nothing! I had so much admiration for the people running past me. To be honest if I knew the route better I may have attempted a bit more of a jog but my aim was to finish the course, and with so many others walking it was easy just to walk too. Once at the top there was some fantastic views, as well as places to run. As we splashed through mud, later and leaves, in and out of trees, up and down little hills before what I thought would be a fast downward run (it took me around 45 minutes to do the first 5k and I do Parkrun hungover in around the half an hour mark!). But alas downhill wasn’t my friend either as it was icy and there were rocks, after falling on my backside twice (thank you to all the runners who stopped to ask if I was ok, and the marshal at the first fall) I took things very slowly, with lots of runners overtaking me. Again at the kissing gate at the end was a big squelch of mud and I only just stopped myself falling into it.view top of kelston 10k

I came 199th out of 221 finishers (which included an 80 year old man, hats off to him!!) and 44th in my category out of 51 finishers. It was all very friendly and at the end a lady came and thanked me for rescuing her trainer out of the mud.

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#Kelston10K Definitely the hardest 10K I have attempted so far! I knew it would be hard as it was described as hilly and I do not like hills but thought this would be a good challenge to start the new year! It was certainly an interesting course and not one for those who had new stuff for Christmas. Very liberating to splash through mud and water when not trying to get up a hill though, clawing back some time! Downhill wasn’t any better for me as it was icy and I fell on my backside twice!!! (Thank you to the runners who stopped to see if I was ok). Very friendly, well marshalled and laid out. Only negative was no markers to say how far we had gone, but imo you really didn’t want to know! 📷 Jon Bessant Photography #AspireRunningEvents

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My next 10K isn’t until the end of February but it is flat (and apparently very fast) so now I need to work on my speed endurance. How is your 2018 going? Have you set yourself any challenges?