Home Is Where The Art Is

When it comes to turning a house into a home, there’s nothing more heartwarming than a selection of inspiring pictures to hang on the walls. They instantly reflect tastes and interests, provide a focal point and more importantly, they are reminders of beautiful places or people and bring memories back to life.

home is where the art is
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Family Reminders

One of the most popular are the multi aperture styles with several openings that readily fit standard sized photographs. You can make wonderful collections this way of your children or pets or your favourite views from a holiday. A neutral colour frame is always best so that it doesn’t distract from the memories it holds and presents a welcoming atmosphere to a hallway or staircase.

A Touch Of Elegance

Dining rooms tend to add a formal air to a home and is the perfect place for a large print of a favourite classic such as one of William JM Turner‘s land or seascapes. “The Fighting Temeraire” with its golden mists looks so atmospheric in an elegantly styled frame and gives everyone something to admire over dinner. Beautifully framed postcard sized prints of oil paintings such as the flowers and trees of Claude Monet’s garden, can look quite stunning when arranged on an opposite wall.

oil painting
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Modern art can be irritating or energising, but a favourite Kandinsky print with its bold oranges and reds can look very dramatic in a jet black frame, while a print of painted blocks of primary colours can be offset by a frame in burgundy or dark green. Having bold colourful frames that are simple in design and easy to hang can quickly add a finishing touch of sophistication when redecorating.


Delicate watercolour landscapes are enhanced by adding a frame with a mount in a toning colour to add definition. Available in a rainbow of colours to suit any painting, a simple cardboard mount can make a picture frame look so professional and stylish. Occasionally, the frames themselves can be just as interesting as the artwork, particularly if they are carved in an interesting design.


Contemporary posters are often just pinned to the wall, mainly because of the expense a frame would add. However, a simple clip frame that can be displayed in portrait or landscape format, is one of the most economic types and raises poster art to a much higher level of appreciation. And for safety, large expanses are better if they are made of clear plastic. Diplomas and certificates need to be protected when they are displayed and adding a metallic frame of gold, silver or bronze can turn them into artworks in their own right.

dancing in the rain quote in gold frame
Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplash

Designer Chic

Works of art that don’t conform to standard “off the peg” sized frames can still be framed to perfection. Framing services are available that can transform an average picture into a stunning work, particularly if you design your own picture frame. Giving framed art as a gift is always an excellent idea and having collections of framed prints and photographs around the house can instantly add style to a home.


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