How to Get in the Mood for a Run

You may recall my previous post on How To Stay Motivated that Sometimes, there’s nothing better than getting out for a run. The sun’s shining, you’ve got bags of energy; what could be better? However, there are other days when it’s the last thing you’ll feel like doing. Here is a guest post with some ways you can get motivated, even if you’re really not in the mood.

Motivating yourself for a run

  • Remember your goal. It’s good to have a goal in mind when you’re running. For example, are you doing it to improve your health? Or, are you trying to tone up a little bit? You might even have a big race to train for; one that you’re running for a favourite charity. Always keep your motivation in mind, every time you head out on a run.

My First Half Marathon

  • Take your dog with you. Your favourite pet pooch is bound to need a walk at some time during the day. Combine the two tasks – take your faithful friend on a run with you! Just make sure to keep it under control, as it can be difficult for other runners / walkers when a dog is leaping all over them.

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  • Or take the kids… If your children are of a certain age, they’ve probably got lots of energy to spare. Encourage your kids to get more active by running regularly together. In fact, if there’s a local Park-run near you, consider signing up to take part. It’s free to join in, and there’s usually lots of other people doing it too; which usually creates a nice atmosphere.

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  • Or go with some friends! It’s great to have some company on a run. If any of your other friends are into running, arrange to meet once a week for a jog around the park. Alternatively, there are usually some local running groups you could join; which is a great way to meet new friends.

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  • Remember the health benefits. Running offers plenty of physical health benefits. It’s also great for mental health If you’re feeling angry at a client at work, go for a run! There’s something about pounding the streets that’s really therapeutic. Likewise, if you’re feeling down or anxious, a quick run will release endorphins, which help improve your mood.
  • Put your favourite tunes on. Music is a powerful motivator; especially if you’re listening to upbeat tunes. Alternatively, you could listen to podcasts while you’re running, or even an audio book from a site like Audible. Work out what works best for you, then go for it.running headphones
  • Use scent to turbo-charge your run. Humans are powerfully influenced by smell, and it can really make a difference to how motivated you feel. Before you head off on your run, spray on an invigorating, energetic perfume – it’ll help. Look for fragrances that have fruity or spicy notes – Copycat Fragrances is a good place to search for inspiration.
  • Choose the right time of day. Some people function best really early in the morning, and love nothing more than to sling on their trainers and go for a run before everyone else is up. Others like to wait until the evening, when it’s dark. Identify what time of day you find preferable, as this will help make it feel less like a chore.
  • Get in the habit. When an action becomes a habit, we’re far more likely to keep on doing it. Set aside regular time each week (even if it’s just every Saturday morning) to devote to your run. Psychologically, you’ll start to view it as a ‘normal’ action, rather than something that interrupts your day. This helps it to seem less like a chore.


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  1. Some great tips. I often struggle for motivation to go for a run. I have been finding it easier since starting marathon training but I know I’m going to be struggling again once the marathon is over in a few weeks. I’ll be taking on board some of these tips to get me out the door!


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