Covid-19 Is Now the Time to Relax About it?

Let’s face it it’s in the name Covid-19. We are now in 2022 and 2019 seems such a long time ago. We have all had enough! But the question is whether it is time that we just learn to live with it? Or is it spreading faster than ever?!

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Our Family Situation and Covid-19

Regular readers will know that our son had Covid-19 when there were the problems in the South West of the UK. This lead to him having his vaccination whilst testing positive, as we had initially been told that he was negative.

Things are changing all the time and people are getting confused and complacent. We were probably guilty of this ourselves. Figuring that he had had it with no real problems we figured we would be okay. Due to the fact that we had been in close contact with him during the time he would have been contagious we felt we were all safe.

The Booster Vaccination

Despite my needle phobia I still have had my first and second vaccinations. However, the last one really hurt and I made a right show of myself crying and unable to breath afterwards that I wasn’t prepared to go through it again.

In fact I had told people on social media and they were supportive and proud I had just done the first two. Besides I already felt that I was safe enough!

I’m not sure what really changed my mind. Probably The Brick Castle. Please go visit her blog and/or social media for her factual updates during the pandemic. But I did go and get my third vaccine. This time getting Moderna. My booster vaccination went well. It was the same man who did my first. With only a bit of a heavy arm, and it didn’t even ache for long.

Covid-19 Spreading – The Positive Pings

We started carrying on life as normal. Christmas was upon us and I went to a Christmas party. In fact there was only me and two other ladies there. It was the same night that the boys were helping out on the Santa Sleigh so they joined us there afterwards so that they could have dinner.

Two days later I was pinged to say someone tested positive. None of my family were pinged so we figured it must have been someone who was in there earlier. Off I went and had a PCR. It was thankfully negative as the day I was pinged was after we had been to visit family.

The Second Ping

Just two days after I had taken that PCR I was pinged again to say that I had been by someone positive. Literally this was the day we went to visit family (it tells you when). This meant that it must have been picked up in the services off the motorway.

That time I went to the toilet, sat at a table away from other people to eat, and was in the queue to grab a Costa. My husband was also pinged – so we figured it was probably the queue, as he had taken over waiting as they took a while with the coffee.

Change of Guidance for Covid-19

You see I discovered that because of Omicron they had changed the guidance about how the time and distance being by others was. Now because of how close we were standing the time for it to spread was like nothing at all. Both me, and my husband, went for a test.

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This was literally days before my husband’s booster jab and he had to cancel it as his test came back positive. Of course this meant I was pinged for a third time that week but I knew it was from my husband this time and just did the 7 days of lateral flow tests.

Cancelling Gold DofE Residential

The boys all went for PCR results, even though they had no symptoms, as they were a close contact of someone with Covid-19. The younger two literally went from early finish at school for Christmas to the mobile testing.

Omicron was spreading fast so it took a little longer for results. This meant that the 18 year old could not be sure if he was okay before going sailing for his DofE Gold residential. As his dad also could not drive him there. This was also the first time we worried about just how contagious Covid-19 variants could be.

It was a real shame as it was when the 18 year old wanted to take his brother to London that we had covid-19 in our family. Due to the fact that my husband got a positive result so easily I decided to also stop visiting the Leisure Centre. It was apparent that this was no time to get complacent.

3 thoughts on “Covid-19 Is Now the Time to Relax About it?”

  1. I am so glad you got your booster. You did so well with your needle phobia.
    Jenny has been amazing throughout the pandemic with her updates. I would rather read her blog than news websites.
    It is rubbish how your family has been affected.
    It his hard to keep up with all of the rules changing all of the time but at the moment I won’t be relaxing about Covid. It is still making people ill and killing them. I want to keep my family safe x


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