THORPE PARK Ambassadors 2017

This year we are absolutely thrilled to be given the opportunity to be Thorpe Park Ambassadors. We have previously had Merlin Premium Passes and had decided to give other parks a chance this year. Problem with that is our 9-year-old had just reached the magic 1.4m to go on the biggest and best rides. Thorpe … Read more

Heartlake City LEGOLAND Windsor 2015

Heartlake City LEGOLAND Windsor 2015

LEGOLAND Windsor have now officially opened LEGO Friends Heartlake City. I am a huge LEGO Friends fan and so was delighted to be invited around to have a look. This also coincides with the new LEGO Friends rooms available in the hotel. There is a Heartlake Shopping Mall (which I was lucky enough to receive … Read more

Flamingo Land

If you can engage your child in activities that are linked to things that they are currently interested in, then you have a much better chance that they will learn. Our youngest currently has Global Developmental Delay (he is still awaiting an assessment to see whether he will be diagnosed as having Autism/being Autistic), he … Read more

Christmas time at ThomasLand

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while will know that my 3rd son (who is 5) has been best mates with a lad since they were around 2 years old. Recently his friend has moved away (last October) and so they no longer see each other. His friend turned 5 … Read more