Looking Back at the First Day of School

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Starting School Fears When my youngest started school I feared for his future. You see the thing is he wasn’t like the other children and showed a Global Developmental Delay. His speech was limited and so I never imagined that he would ever be able to read and write. I worried about whether he would … Read more

Poor SATs Results Resits

Poor SATs Results Resits

News today is that David Cameron has said that he wants to implement children who fail at their Maths and English SATs in Year 6 (ages 10 and 11) should repeat them in Year 7 (up to a further two times). Money is waiting for the Secondary Schools with £500 for every pupil who has … Read more

Grammar School Appeal

grammar school appeal

When our oldest son took the 11+ we were naive enough to believe that it did not matter which school he went to, and that sitting the test would determine which school would be right for him. Maybe tutoring would have been on our radar if we had thought any differently, but truth is that … Read more

Micro-Scooters for Schools

micro scooters for schools

Micro-Scooters for Schools At my youngest children’s school last week we had a Family Night and raffle where over £1,200 was raised. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big Thank you to Micro-Scooters UK for donating a Maxi Micro Scooter with T-Bar as a prize. A little boy who is turning 6 very soon … Read more