Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Project Mc Circuit Beats shows how you can make music out of almost anything and teaches about electrical circuits. The Project Mc2 series is designed to encourage more girls to be interested in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math); Project Mc2 Circuit Beats incorporate the science, technology and art. You can find out more in my previous Project Mc2 post.

Project Mc2 Circuit beats is recommended for those ages 6 and over and is straight forward to use with both visual and written instructions. I reviewed this with my sons ages 6 and 8 – we also followed the video on YouTube (as I let them follow the instructions by themselves and they did get a tiny bit muddled).Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

How the Project Mc2 Circuit Beats Works

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats comes complete with a kitty speaker headband, a circuit board controller, 7 wires with clips and a sticker sheet. There are five different sound buttons – piano, guitar, drums, cat (miaow), and record your own – which can be played as 6 different notes.Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

It works by using the body’s energy and other objects to complete an electric circuit. A very small amount of electricity needs to flow in a circular path to make the musical output from the person, to the board, and back again. By holding the ground wire it allows a return path for the electricity – when tapping the object with a finger it completes the circuit by allowing electrons to flow through the body.

What we thought of Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Readers will know that I am only a mother of boys and therefore will also know that I have not reviewed the product with the target female audience. For me however, if the product appeals to my boys then it means that it hasn’t had the STEAM qualities dumbed down just because it is for girls. The boys found it easy to use and really liked it (okay so they weren’t as impressed with the pink kitty headband that a girl may be). They learned a lot from it and even noticed the fact that how a banana was in ripeness (or if it was bruised) changed the way it sounded. They certainly had great fun recording their own sounds. The stickers went unnoticed as they were too busy actually enjoying the circuit. I think it was pitched at the right level as it was aged 6, but it would be nice if there was further details/information or places to look for that if they were interested in knowing more about the subject.

Project Mc2 Circuit Beats

Was £29.99 now £19.99 at Argos

Here is a raw video of my boys first experience with Project Mc2 Circuit beats – you can see this is just a home video and not an advertisement – it is just an honest, real look at what it is actually like for a normal family to play with:

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I was sent a Project Mc2 Circuit Beats for purposes of review. All opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. We are loving this at the moment too – and completely agree – it’s not STEAM dumbed down for girls!


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